Florida Vacation 2011 - Part 1

My mum took me to Florida for my birthday, which is where I am now. I love it here, especially the sun and heat. I definitely want to retire somewhere hot like this.

I like to keep my vacations packed with activities, with the occasional laziness… or maybe it’s the other way around, I’m not sure. Anyway, one of the first things we did when we got here was hit the beach. The one we went to is called HoneyMoon Beach, and for good reason! While trotting through the soft sand, I met this sexy bitch (not in the derogatory sense) and man, was she fine! Her name was Coco – perfect name for a romance on the beach. She was pretty young; 4 months actually – but hey, she was the one all up in my junk.


If you are a fan of my Facebook Page (which you should be), then you’ll likely have already heard about her. It’s just a little fling – no biggie. I’m sure I’ll miss her a little when it’s all over though…

Dachshund Beach

The next day we went orange picking. I’ve been apple picking many times before, but never for oranges. It was okay. Originally, I had thought we had arrived at an orchard full of squeaky balls growing on trees… so you can understand my disappointment when I realized they were just fruit!

Dachshund on Ladder

And then guess what, after that we went grapefruit picking. How can people enjoy fruit so much… ugh.

Yesterday, we went kayaking – one of my favorite activities. It’s very peaceful. There’s no noisy cars or people around, and there’s plenty of fish and other animals to look at. I am not a huge fan of the water myself, but that doesn’t stop me from getting precariously close to the edge sometimes. My mum always tells me to get back from the edge, while my dad tries to rock the boat so I fall in… I guess that’s his version of teaching me a lesson. Anyway, he hasn’t got me yet.

dachshund kayaking

In the above pic, you can see my friend, Laffie, on the other kayak. She’s far from a city dog, so is more at home doing activities like this. I look at her as the dog-tarzan. She’s never really known much besides her life in the woods. But she did teach me everything I know as an intrepid adventurer.

I enjoy watching nature, and not always with an intent to hunt. Sometimes, it’s just more curiosity. You can see in the below pic that I spotted a bird and a turtle.

Beautiful Dachshund

It’s been a fun trip so far; a little romance, some lyin’ around, some fun activities, some boring activities. It’s all part of the mix. I’m here for only a few more days, and then its back home. I wonder if I’ll ever see Coco again…

Coco, if you ever read this blog, send me a comment and we can talk ;).

Part 2 coming soon.

Keep ballin’,

~ Crusoe

Keep ballin’,