Best Birthday Week Ever

When you’re as high-profile a celebrity as myself, it’s hard to fit all the parties and events into just one day. This is why I celebrate birthweek as opposed to just a “birthday”.

And a lot happened indeed.

My birthday was on the Monday, and to kick off the week I woke up to an appreciated – yet expected – breakfast in bed.

Doggy Breakfast in Bed

Those who bought my 2014 calendar may have noticed that it says I turn 4 next year. I blame that on a publishing error, but in actual fact this is how I plan to stay young.

I enjoyed a quiet day with Mum with lots of kisses, which ended well with a beautiful handmade birthday cake by Mum and Dad followed by presents.

Dachshund Birthday Cake

You can’t tell here, but the little dachshund statue is actually made in mine own image with an anchor mark on the nose and everything!

I appreciate their hard work in making the cake, but I was still more interested in the presents.

A lamb chop! How wonderful!

And I didn’t even notice that this was the same toy I received last year..

Dachshund Birthday Party

Heck, as long as it squeaks, I’m happy. Luckily the presents didn’t stop here though.

I also received this beautiful handmade dachshund quilt that is now my favorite couch snuggle blanket.

Dachshund Quilt

This was made for me by a good friend of the family named Alison. She does custom work, so if anyone is interested in one for themselves, you can email her here.

Mum also got me this knitted sweater. I was a little taken aback at first since this doesn’t really fall into my ‘fashion category’, but if the fans like it, then so do I.

Dachshund Knitted Sweater

I just got to be careful I don’t get into too many quilts and knitted sweaters or people are going to have a hard time believing I’m only turning 4 next year.

Now, you’ll notice that above I’m sitting on my Master Chair. This is where I do all my pondering and self-(adored)-reflection. But I’ve been telling Dad for a while that I need a place to actually ‘do work’.

Well, for my birthday I was also pleasantly surprised to be introduced to my very own office desk next to Mum’s! You’ll also notice that I have the window office.

Crusoe's Office Desk

I think it’s worth mentioning that my new desk smells of rich mahogany, and although it did not come with any leather-bound books, there was something even better.

As I was admiring my desk for the first time, Dad placed an object of special importance in front of me next to my Oscar for Best Celebrity Dog and my rare rhino sculpture from my exotic travels.

He told me I would need my “thinking glasses”.

Crusoe's Desk

“What is it?” I asked.

“It’s a treasure map”, Dad said. “I ordered it off eBay from a descendant of the pirate, Captain Kidd. The seller said I should only entrust this map onto a seasoned adventurer – one who knows no fear and has a thirst for squeaky treasure like none has ever seen before”.

“Well heck, say no more! I’m your man!”

Crusoe's Treasure Map

So I put on my thinking glasses for a closer look.

Dad told me the “X” marks the spot of the buried squeaky treasure.

Dachshund Treasure Map

Aha – The Exumas of the Caribbean! From all my studies in history and literature, I knew that the Exumas consisted of many small islands (over 360 in fact) which were once a popular hideout and stash location for pirates – including the infamous Captain Kidd!

At this point I think my sense of adventure was now palpable to anyone close by.

“So what does this mean?!” I asked Dad. “Are we going to look for it?!”

“Yes”, he said. “I’ve already chartered our yacht. In April we set sail from Nassau, Bahamas, and embark on a week-long voyage through the Exuma Cays until we find where Captain Kidd buried his treasure. But there will be plenty to see along the way as well!”

Well I can barely wait! The somewhat disappointing part is that the trip is only in April (was supposed to be earlier but ‘Dad’ had some scheduling conflicts), yet I’m still super excited.

So fans, get ready for an unforgettable adventure with Captain Crusoe and Long Body Crusoe as they sail their maiden voyage in the Caribbean Sea!

Cutest Dachshund Outfit

Who will find the treasure first? Who will win it? Only time will tell.

(By the way, you can find more outfits like my pirate outfit above at

Wow! Now if this wasn’t enough excitement for me in a week, guess what happened next? Well, you probably already know. In the spirit of Halloween, I received some international media attention for my extensive wardrobe of costumes and outfits!

Crusoe the Famous Dachshund

I went from being published in a UK newspaper to a TV interview on CBC News and a few in between. Who knows what’s next?!

Mum noticed I was sitting and waiting by the phone after our TV interview aired. She asked me what I was doing…

Crusoe waiting for Ellen to call

Waiting for Ellen to call of course! I’m sure it won’t be long now…

So how’s that for a birthday week? I can’t wait to see what life brings me next! I’m starting to feel like I’m the celebrity I always thought I was. Thanks to all my fans who’ve helped me get here.

Keep ballin,

~ Crusoe

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Keep ballin’,