Europe Trip Part 4 - Switzerland!

After a long drive and a long nap along the way while dreaming about my fantastic adventures in Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3, we crossed the border from Italy to Switzerland for the final stretch of my Europe Trip.

I was udderly excited. (Sorry, I had to).

When we finally arrived at our private rental home, I was surprised to discover how chilly it was there. I had gone from sun-soaked beaches in my Speedo to cozying up by the fireplace in my blanket!

Crusoe Cozy by the Fire

But the next day the weather turned around, the clouds shrouding the mountains were swept away (the chilly air with it), and the little town of Grindelwald came into clear view…

Grindelwald Switzerland

Although it still wasn’t as warm as the Mediterranean, it was more than comfortable-enough for me to enjoy a little sunshine and some fresh mountain air out on the patio overlooking the beautiful view.

I think it’s fair to say I’ve been spoiled by nice views on this trip. When we arrived I was complaining that the railing blocked my view (since I’m only a foot-high off the ground and all…)

Crusoe Celebrity Dachshund in Switzerland

I got over that.

However, we weren’t here to hang about the house – no, we had exploring to do. After all, I’m an expedition leader of the highest accord and I can’t very well let majestic mountains like these go untamed while I’m here…

So the next morning we drove over to where we would commence our day-long excursion.

I present to you the Lauterbrunnen Valley, or unofficially called, The Valley of 72 Waterfalls.

Lauterbrunnen Valley Switzerland

This was probably one of the coolest places I’ve ever been.

This long valley which we were to walk along is sided by towering cliffs to either side with a total of about 72 waterfalls that spill over the precipices, cascading perilously down the steep faces and fading to mist.

Valley of 72 Waterfalls Switzerland

I wasn’t the only one intrigued by this breathtaking landscape. J.R.R. Tolken used to visit this valley, and it’s what inspired him to create the elvish city of ‘Rivendell’ in The Lord of the Rings.

It does feel like there’s something magical about this place… Below is one of Mum and Dad’s favorite photos from the trip. You can see at least two waterfalls here.

Crusoe Dachshund in Switzerland

As we continued our march through the valley, we passed many grazing cows.

All of them seemed to give me a death-stare as I walked by, which I thought to be rather strange. Perhaps they were intimidated by my beefy thigh muscles.

At one point Dad stopped to take a photo of me on a little rock wall, just outside the electric fence for the cows. As Dad lined up for his shot, this one cow wouldn’t stop eyeing me down, and started to thump his hoof. Just as Dad went to snap the photo, the cow began a charge, and Dad had to run to swipe me up!

That’s why this picture was all blurry!

Crusoe Charged by a Cow!

I figured my little cowbell would have helped me fit in, but I guess not. I’m used to being charged by babes when I flaunt about in my Speedo, but never a cow! So anyway, I wasn’t impressed with my welcome so far, but nonetheless, we carried on.

When we passed the next herd of cows, I thought that perhaps they wouldn’t mind so much if I looked the part.

So with my little Swiss hat and cowbell, I posed for a picture, keeping enough distance so that I could make a break for it if needed and let Dad get trampled.

Crusoe Swiss Dog

But then Dad gave me a warning. “Uh oh, Crusoe. I can see one of them stomping again!”

Hm, it wasn’t enough. I needed the full ensemble.

Let loose the lederhosen!

Dog Swiss Lederhosen Costume

And wouldn’t you know it, the cow stopped its stomping and went back to grazing. Phew!

So with a new-found confidence, we walked on to the end of a valley and took a gondola up and over the towering cliffs to explore atop.

And when we got there we found beautiful fields of wildflowers! I just couldn’t resist…

Crusoe in Switzerland

The next leg of our expedition was to make our way down the mountains back to where we started.

Since it was a long way, and all downhill, this proved to be a very arduous hike for the humans, as they all began complaining about their knees. With no time for slackers, I kept them moving, always breaking trail and scouting the next bend in the path to assure them we were almost there.

Crusoe Leading the Path

But that was obviously bullsh*t – just my tactic to keep them moving. In truth, it felt like we were never getting any closer.

I even went so far ahead as to inspect the safety of the bridges we were to cross. This is one of the many streams that converges with others into the jaw-dropping waterfalls.

Switzerland Hiking with a Dog

Even with all their griping, complaining, and pointless breaks, my energy and excitement for exploring a new place never ceased.

Running in the Swiss Alps

It was also along this trail back, still atop the mountains, that I found the perfect roost to try a little something I’d be meaning to get to…

Traveling Switzerland with a Dog

Of course, I’m talking about a yodel!


Not bad for my first try, huh?

When we finally made it back, the humans were all exhausted and stiff in the knees.

I might have been a little tired too…

Crusoe Pooped Out

Actually, Mum and Dad both commented that I snored like a tractor that night!

But the next day we were off again for a repeat – albeit from a different mountaintop.

And wow, what a view from up here!

Crusoe Switzerland Mountains

And look, there’s snow!

Alps Mountain Dog

We may be in a foreign land, but snow is something that’s familiar to me.

So I went straight to diggin’.

Digging in Snow, Alps Dog

I even got to crunch a couple snowballs!

Which BTW, are also refreshing.

Snowball Switzerland

So once again, it was a long walk down. At least this time the path was generally paved and not as steep, so we could be leisurely about it.

However, things weren’t so leisurely when we came to a section of the path that was blocked by a herd of lazy cows, who didn’t seem intent on budging whatsoever to allow our passing…

Cows on the Road

Dad decided to carry me for obvious reasons.

He told me to “be cool” as we started a casual stroll through the herd. But even still, those cows were staring me down!

Cow Country Switzerland

Even I was worried. I told myself I’d give up beef liver treats forever if we got through there alive.

And yet we made it through unscathed!

Swiss Cow

Luckily, I was never serious about giving up liver treats.

As happy as I was to get past them, I was quick to miss them, for that marked the end to my visit to Switzerland. However, we had one last stop to go visit on our way to the airport.

Behold the Castle Chillon!

Chateau de Chillon Switzerland

Technically, dogs are not allowed in, but Mum was able to sneak me through in her doggy carry bag.

I didn’t want to miss the castle though, so I peeked through the flap!

Dog Carry bag Concealable

And when we left, Mum and I got a special keepsake shot together.

Chateau de Chillon

All in all, Switzerland has been an absolutely beautiful, magical, and breathtaking place.

I don’t think I could ever forget it.

Crusoe Goes to Switzerland

I’m just hoping that if I pose here long enough, I’ll inspire some famous author to write about wiener dogs instead of waterfalls…

So, that wraps up my Europe Trip folks! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. It’s been one amazing adventure, but it’s nice to get home and back to the ol’ routine again, too. However, it’s not over JUST yet. The full video wrap-up is still to come.

Keep hikin’,

~ Crusoe

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Keep ballin’,