Episode 5: The Boys Go Camping, Canoe Fail & Deleted Scene

I’m back with another behind-the-scenes look at the making of episode 5, The Boys Go Camping! This was Oakley’s debut episode of this season, and one of our best-received episodes so far! Heck, I’m starting to worry if people might like Oakley TOO much! 😉

small dog cute mini canoe for dogs

So before we get started, watch or re-watch the episode here!

The first scene of this episode started with our shiny red canoe!

You might be wondering where we got it. Well, we made it out of cardboard, packing tape, and paint as based on these instructions. However, the one difference we made, since of course Oakley and I perhaps do not have the best sense of ‘balancing a boat’… was to add a keel. So below the water, a flat piece of plywood extended down about a foot, with a 10lbs weight on the bottom. This made the boat impervious to tipping!

mini canoe for dogs

BUT, and this is a big BUT. The canoe was still made out of cardboard. So it was inevitable that our seafaring vessel would not be seafaring for too long.

After shooting a few video clips for about 10 minutes, Dad decided to snap a few photos while he had the chance; before the canoe became too soft to use… So he switched his camera over from video to photo, and started snapping pictures.

In a hilarious sequence of events, while we were just floating in the middle of the creek bed, the canoe slowly sank below us in a gurgle of bubbles, and we very calmly abandoned ship and swam to shore, the canoe, resting just a few inches below the surface.

Oh how Dad wished he had stayed on video! But check it out:

canoe sequence 1

canoe sequence 2a

canoe sequence 2

canoe sequence 3

canoe sequence 5

canoe sequence 6

Our poor canoe…

It was refreshing at least!

Then it was onto our hike, with our cute little backpacks that Dad made. And Dad’s favorite shot from the episode? Definitely our butt shot as we raced through the forest!

Cute dog butts

Mesmorizing, isn’t it?

As a couple fans noticed, I occasionally skip with my back legs. Our vet told us that mini dachshunds can sometimes have “quirks” with their knees since our legs are so short, so seems my kneecap pops in and out on that leg so I hop. Doesn’t hurt or bother me, though, and I’ve done it since a little pup. Probably more so habit than anything now.

Then we arrived at the campsite, where we sent up our tent.

cute dog tent mini tent for dogs

By the way, the tent and sleeping bags are truly made for dogs. The company that makes them is Alcott.

And once again, I have a little deleted scene for you, which is the part where we collect firewood! (Well, try to anyway!)

We’re really good at FINDING firewood… just not good at bringing it back to camp. And the few sticks that I did manage to bring back, subsequently got chewed up by Oakley while I made a fire.

making fire dogs

Very helpful, Oakley…

Then it was time for the tent scene, where we laid awake at night worrying about all the mysterious noises outside. This was actually a very tricky scene. It seemed one of us would always be rolling over, or falling asleep and starting to snore with our nose upwards (Oakley)…

oakley falling asleep

…or one of us would be sneezing (seems dachshunds sneeze a lot on their back)…

dachshund sneeze

But of course, Oakley has his expressions down PAT! (He told me he’s been practicing a lot).

Just look at his “worried/scared” expression. I’d say this guy has a future in acting!

Funny dachshund expressions

Then of course, it ended with Dad getting bear sprayed in the face, which of course was just water… with a little hot sauce added.

(Hey, we needed his reaction to look authentic).

Hope you enjoyed our camping episode!!

Stay tuned for the next episode this Sunday where Oakley and I put on a MAGIC SHOW! Don’t miss it!

But after that, we’re taking a little mid-season break to rest up, which is a great time to check out my second book, which features some great unseen stories with Oakley!

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