Episode 2: Crusoe the Lifeguard, Behind the Scenes

I’m back with another behind-the-scenes blog post, this time for Episode 2: Crusoe the Lifeguard.

But before we get started, either re-watch the episode or watch it if you haven’t yet!

Making this episode was a lot of fun. Firstly, you’ll probably notice my lifeguard tower was custom built just for me, with cozy bed, a handy access ramp that resembles my DoggoRamp, and the best part – a megaphone for me to yell at people.

cute dachshund lifeguard

Pretty sweet, huh?

However, I often prefer to abandon my post to go enjoy the shade under the tower. Hopefully the head lifeguard won’t see me lounging about on the job and fire me, but then again, I don’t really care because I’m only doing this for free anyway.

Crusoe under lifeguard tower

And as I stated in the video, I think it’s pretty clear WHY I’m so willing to do it for free.

The two chicks I’m looking at here are Paisley (follow her on Instagram here) and a new lady friend of mine named Jellybean (follow her on Instagram here).

I’m not sure why, but whenever Paisley wears her bikini she always seems to walk in slow motion…

Looking at the babes is what I call “natural acting”, but when it came time to hold the whistle, it took a few tries… as ‘holding objects’ is in fact a recent thing Dad has taught me to do.

However, I have to admit. It’s less a matter of “me knowing how to do it”, and more a matter of “do I feel like it?”, which is probably the case for 99% of dachshunds and tricks their humans want them to do.

Finally I decided to put on the show.

One fun fact from this episode was that the little lady dog I rescued who couldn’t swim, was in fact, not a lady. Her (His) name is actually Elvis, and he’s also a fantastic swimmer!

Here he is doing one of his favorite things, which is swimming after his block of wood. Heck, he even dives underwater to get it!

He was our best swimmer and best dog for this role in the episode, but this role had also been written to be a girl! So, he had to take on the voice of a girl, and in the drive-by scene on the jet-ski as I towed him back to shore on the boogie-board, Dad even had to edit out his “manhood” so people wouldn’t notice he was actually a dude!

Poor Elvis… 🤣

Finally it came time for the Sharkwiener scene. Generally, I usually play the role of Sharkwiener, and even though I could have easily played multiple roles like in Jurassic Wiener, I decided to give some other pups a chance to participate.

So, a lovely lady dachshund by the name of Olive wanted to try out the role, however she was a little uncertain of her own swimming skills. Yet, since she would of course be wearing the Sharkwiener life jacket, she was very eager to give it a go.

Here’s how the first take went.

It was a little more difficult than she anticipated, since as soon as Dad let go of the fin, she was rolling around and windmilling her tail! lol

“Let me try one more time!” She urged.

So Dad gave it one more go…

So, despite her enthusiasm, we needed a Sharkwiener that could swim in a straight line, so unfortunately we had to swap her out for my new friend Jayati for the role, who is a Jack Russell mix.

Jayati did fantastic!

Sorry Olive. However, her brother did get the role as the swimmer/rescued dog from earlier, so that was fun for them!

So next time you’re at the beach, beware the Sharkwiener. Unless the Sharkwiener can’t swim, then you’ll probably be ok! 😅

shark fin life jacket for dog

All in all, everyone had a lots of fun at the beach. Playing in the water, digging in the sand, sunbathing, and bikinis – what’s not to enjoy?!

And if you haven’t already, check out my Sharkwiener beach towel in my store!

So stay tuned for this Sunday’s new episode, which as I’ve already teased, features my brand new character and costume, that of SpaceDog Cru!

Best astronaut dog costume

This is one of my biggest productions yet, so don’t miss it!

Keep rescuin’,

~ Crusoe

Keep ballin’,