Ep 8: There's More Than One Way to Escape Prison!

My brother and I recently got thrown in the joint. It’s a tough place, the joint, especially when you’re a wiener, but we manage to bust outta there. The coolest part of this episode was probably the set, which we’ll show you how we made right after you check out the episode below!

We make pretty good cute partners in crime, don’t we? 😉

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crusoe dachshund cute dogs in jail prison

Of course we had to escape by digging!

…Because we just enjoy digging. Otherwise, it would have been pretty easy to find a way out, but as Oakley said in the episode, “we wouldn’t want to escape any other way!”

In fact, it didn’t take long for Oakley to discover he could pop right through the bars!

Orange is the New Black and Tan Dachshund

Oakley attempted escapes prison cute dachshunds

And then he discovered the door didn’t actually lock!

Oakley escapes cute doggy prison

So perhaps the most difficult part became – coincidentally as a prison should be – keeping the inmates inside! haha!

cute doggies in prison skit

But, don’t feel bad in that we had to sit in a cell for this episode. There was a bed in there after all (albeit not tempurpedic), and although it wasn’t shown in the episode, the guard did provide plenty of back scratches whenever I wanted.

back scratch doggy

So you might be wondering, how were we able to break through the floor and dig our way out?

Well, it was all in the set, and I’ll show you how we did it.

cute dogs dachshunds dig out of jail

We put floor joists underneath to raise the floor, and made a little square that we filled with dirt.

prison movie set

Flooring went on top of that, and we marked where the little square of dirt was to later break through and dig it up!

movie set prison escape

Then, for the final scene where we actually jump into the hole and disappear, we actually moved the floor itself outside, where we had a little tunnel underneath where we could disappear into!

That allowed us to create this pretty neat ending scene!

Prison Break

Another fun part of this episode that you might have noticed, is for the first time ever Oakley’s last name was revealed.

Oakley Dachshund

Yup, Oakley Dokily.

And BTW, we’re going to try to find a cool way to raffle off our police record pawprints and mugshots for a good cause. Stay tuned for that.

cute dog mugshots

Glad you guys enjoyed this episode! It was a lot of fun to make!

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oakley dachshund prison

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Keep diggin’,

~ Crusoe

Keep ballin’,