Ep. 4: Date with Paisley: Tell All & Deleted Scene!

Welcome to the “tell-all” to my recent Date with Paisley episode, which has been one of my best received episodes to date!

Before we get into the thick of it, let’s recap what happened by watching the episode:

The tabloids and online publications have been having a field day with this one, with wild speculation on everything about this episode; why did I honk for Paisley? Did I really plan the hot air balloon popping? Why did I have a banana in my pants?

All great questions.

Firstly, the plain and simple truth is that as a dachshund, I am blatantly, unabashedly impatient. Call it a fault, call it ungentlemanly, but just don’t take it personally. I routinely ring my house servant bell when I need something from Mum and Dad. I snap my fingers at waiters. I bark at old ladies that take too long to cross the road. Heck, I’ve even been known to shoot off a gun in the house when Mum didn’t feed me on time.

Besides, Paisley knows me well enough not to get worked up about it. And for the record, she’s pretty impatient, too. The cameras conveniently didn’t show you that part, though.

crusoe dachshund behind the scenes

Heck, she didn’t even complain about my butt on her dress.

crusoe butt

But that’s why I like her. She doesn’t sweat the little things. Plus, we all know celebrities don’t poop.

BUT, I understand someone with such high societal stature should be setting a better example on manners and treating women, so can you believe Dad has signed me up for an etiquette class?! (Home-schooling though, as I wouldn’t want that to be publicized).

Speaking of home, there was one deleted scene from this episode that was supposed to go right at the beginning, which was me complimenting myself in the mirror (that probably doesn’t shock you).

I’d say I look like a million bucks. No, a hundred thousand bucks 😉

Then it was time for the hot air balloon scene. Here’s how we made it look like we were floating through the air.

hot air balloon green screen dogs

So did I purposely pop the balloon? Well, I’ll let you decide for that one. As for the banana… What’s so wrong about that?! I enjoy a banana as a snack once in a while, so what?…

Cute Dogs in Hot Air Balloon

But as you know, I do all my own stunts. And kudos to Paisley for wanting to as well.

She did the crash-landing scene right along with me!

It was done much slower it real life than how it appeared in the video, where it was sped up, but here’s how we did it.

It was a tricky video shoot, though.

Here’s Dad thinking a little too hard about something…

dad thinking too hard

“Hey Dad, don’t hurt yourself, haha!”

While Dad racked his brain about various things, Paisley and I just hung out in the park. Here we are catching some shade.

crusoe dachshund and paisley

And here’s me subsequently needing to “power up” in the sunshine.

cute dachshund suntanning

And here’s Paisley after the “lightening of the load” scene in the basket, sans skivvies.

paisley dachshund

Hope I don’t get in trouble for posting that…

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And then stay tuned for my next episode coming this Sunday where Oakley and I GO CAMPING!!!

adorable dachshunds

Thank you so much 🙂 <3

Keep floatin’,

~ Crusoe

Keep ballin’,