Exumas Vacation Video! - Final Part

Well here we have it – my long-awaited Exuma sailing trip wrapped into one final video! Filmed entirely with my trusty GoPro, this video is my longest yet (since so many of you have been asking for longer, longer!), clocking in at just over 11 minutes.

So get the popcorn and your wiener ready, because it’s movie time! Make sure to watch in HD, and read the rest of this post when you’re done!

Firstly, thanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed all my vacation pictures, stories and videos!

You may have noticed I didn’t get a whole lot of quadcopter footage in the video. Hope you weren’t too disappointed, but this is because we had a cold front come through for most of the week which made it really windy. I kept telling Dad that one perfect shot of me from the air would be worth every penny he paid for that thing, but he reminded me we’d get a lot more use of it if he didn’t sink it on the first flight!

Oh well.


Due to the awesome response I got from SHARKWIENER, the kind folks over at SwimWays have offered everyone a 15% discount off their doggie shark swim vest and paddle paws!

Now your dog can help me terrorize the sea!

Doggie Shark Swim Vest

Wrapping Up My Vacation..

I almost feel sad that this is my last blog post for my Exuma vacation. Reliving our experience through the blog has made it feel like we’ve been on vacation all the while!

Heck, Mum still catches me running up and down the hall dressed in my pirate outfit and hollering for booty!

Dog on Beach poster

But it’s been fun, and I hope you enjoyed it.

Now it’s back to daily living, but I’ll be anxiously chasing down my next vacation, wherever it may be.


Make sure to let me know in the comments which mini ‘episode’ from the video you liked best!

Keep ballin’,

~ Crusoe


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