Back in the Joint + a Surprise!

I’ve been back in the joint (doggy daycare) all this week, which is always fun. Although, they said I seemed a little ‘off’ on my first two days there. I guess it’s just because I was thinking of Mum so much (I even contemplated getting an ‘I Luv Mum’ tattoo while in there). Every morning when we would arrive at the daycare centre, I would be all whiney and anxious, but in a good way, because I would go straight up to the door and inside with no problems.

Anyway, Mum arrives tonight. And you know I’ll be racing to see her!

Fast Wiener Dog

It’s been a busy week so I haven’t had much time to party or go babe-hunting with Dad this time. In fact I didn’t even have time to do a blog post this past Wednesday (my normal schedule is Wednesday and Sunday by the way). I usually do most of my writing during the day, but being at daycare I’ve had no time. They also don’t allow electronics in ‘the joint’, and I’ve never learned to write by hand paw.

In any case, I had fun there. I was even introduced to bubbles, which are very cool. They’re like see-through floating balls. Very interesting, but not enough for me to jump at them or anything. I told them that if they could make my tennis balls float, then that might be a little more thrilling. I was disappointed when they said they couldn’t.

dachshund and bubbles

I also didn’t get in a fight this time, which is good because I didn’t want to have to hurt anyone. I’ve developed my own posse in there, where I of course am the leader. Actually, on the last day there, we got in a big verbal showdown with the rival dogs on the other side of the fence. So I was whispering to Rufus here what to yell back at them. You see, a smart leader is one who operates in the shadows so as never to expose their identity. In other words, Rufus does my dirty work (but he doesn’t really seem to mind..)

Prison Dogs

In fact, I even gave myself a codename for whenever I’m doin’ time at daycare, it’s Big C. (no one will ever guess it’s me ; )

However, I may be a clandestine leader, but that doesn’t stop me from reasserting whose boss by keeping my posse in line..

doggy daycare

So anyway, at least Mum is coming home tonight. I’m tired of her leaving me, but next time it will be all of us going to Maine. So that will be exciting!

In the meantime, I thought it’s about time I do something for the fans – as a way to reward them for all their support. So, I’ve organized a really cool contest that I’m sure people are going to go head over heels for.

I had to make some calls and pull some strings to get this contest and prize together, but anything can be arranged when you’re a celebrity. I won’t tell you too much about it now. But I will give you a hint as to the prize!

Custom Painting of a Dachshund

And no, it’s not me in the above photo. It could be any dog really, heck, even yours… ; )

I admire a good piece of art. You probably didn’t know this about me (yet may have expected it) – but I am in fact quite a connoisseur of the finer things.

My contest will officially start this Wednesday, May 9, so make sure to stay tuned! It’s going to be fun : )

Big-up to my dawgs still in the joint,

~ Crusoe (AKA Big C.)

Keep ballin’,