Florida Vacay Part 1 - Crystal River to Key Largo

I’ve just wrapped up an amazing 3-week vacation in Florida, starting on the west coast (Crystal River area), and heading down to the Florida Keys and then back up to Miami. It was an adventure every step of the way! But then again, when you’re traveling with me, when is it ever NOT an adventure?!

It’s been a while since I got away on vacation, and I’ve been busy working away on my new book, so you could say I was looking forward to this!

Florida tomorrow! See you in the sunshine! 🙂

Posted by Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund on Saturday, March 28, 2015

As you can see, I made sure to pack all the essentials, including my toothbrush and delicious chicken-flavored toothpaste, passport and shades, swim trunks, bag tag, and of course – me, in a sexy tropical shirt and hat.

Also not seen above which I brought along was some doggy travel shampoo by Fresh Dog.

Doggy Travel Shampoo

Hey, never know when I might need to get squeaky clean for some ladies! 😉

I was so happy when we arrived that I went right outside to bask in the sun (still in the Hawaiian shirt and straw hat that I’d been wearing all day).

I seem to be having problems keeping my hat on though…

Then as most of you know, we had an awesome fan meetup at the Fort De Soto Dog Beach near Tampa and St. Petersburg.

It was wonderful to meet so many fans, but I was quite tired after that long day on the beach. So back at home I was quick to take a dip and play some ball in the kiddie doggy pool.

Dachshund Cool in the Pool

But at a point, playing ball by yourself in the pool gets a bit boring.

That’s why I told Mum to go call up the list of chicks we met at our meetup to come over for a pool party.

“I’m sure we can fit at least 20 chicks in here”, I told Mum.

Crusoe in the Pool

I was quite distraught when she told me she had not collected the phone numbers from all the chicks at our meetup though – despite my clear instructions to do so.

Geez, she only had ONE job…

Anyway, Mum and I also liked to take casual super fast bike tours around the neighborhood.


dachshund riding in bike basket

As fun as it is to go fast, there’s something I find even more exciting.

You know what I’m talking about – FISHING – my all time favorite activity in the world!

So with a few friends, we were off in the boats, zooming across the water to the best fishing spot around.

Fishing Boat

We took two boats. My friend drove the one above, and of course, I drove ours.

Dachshund FIshing Boat

I knew just the spot.

Once we were there we paired forces by adjoining our boats. Can you see me from way up there?

Aerial Fishing Boat

From the first to last cast, I was right there on the edge, anxiously waiting for the BIG ONE!

I always prefer to sit next to the best fisherman aboard though, which is generally my Uncle Jack. After that, my next choice is my friend Charles, then Mum.

“Sorry Dad…”

Dachshund Fishing

And for any worrywarts out there who see me here without a life jacket, fret not.

Because I don’t have just two sea legs like you humans.. I have four!

Dog Sea Legs

And they’re a treat to look at, too.

Fishing can get be a real test of patience. And yet, I have to admit that I have zero patience; I just have no choice but to bear through it.

Dog Waiting for FIsh

So I guess in that sense, fishing is more so a test of endurance.

Here’s Mum and I, back-to-back, waiting for a nibble.

Dog Waiting for a Fish

But it was all worth it when we finally roped in our first fish. I was so excited I had to be restrained by Mum!

I just want to lick it!

Dog Loves Fishing

The fish you see above is a “ladyfish”, so it made sense we caught this one first considering I’m a babe magnet and all. (Hey, it may not be a sexy lady, but it’s a fish, so I’ll take it!)

We continued on fishin’, and caught several throughout the course of the day. Most, like the ladyfish, we released back to the sea. We only kept one redfish for dinner, which is the quota anyway.

Here’s my trophy shot with it! This has got to be some sort of record catch for a wiener dog…

Caught the Big One

What a day! You can tell I had a blast by the smile on my face!

On our way back from our fishing trip, we stopped by a big fishing store. I went inside too, and at one point Mum lifted me up onto a ledge to pose for a photo.

Crusoe in Front of Fish Tank

What I didn’t realize was that there was a giant fish tank behind me.

I also didn’t realize that there were two mean lookin’ fish staring right at me! So when I finally turned around and saw them there, I couldn’t help but feel a little dismayed!


Dachshund Funny Expression

I prefer to be on the upper end of the food chain, thank you very much…

Nevertheless, I would have been content to go back fishing everyday. But alas, the adventure had to continue!

So after packing up the cars, we were off on a 6-hour car ride down to Key Largo of the Florida Keys where we’d partake in some world-class diving. Heck, it’s about time I go diving; seems like a lifetime that I’ve been practicin’ for it in the tub!

Cutest Scuba Dog Costume

Anyway, as we were about to embark on our mini road trip, I noticed that Mum had installed this air freshener in the car, which as she told me is all-natural and fragrance & allergen free.


However, I was insulted, thinking Mum meant to tell me I smell, which is of course preposterous.

Heck, I was even about to rip it off.

Car Scent Remover for Dogs

But then she said, “oh it’s not for you Crusoe. It’s for Dad; you know how he can get a bit stinky sometimes….”

Well, that made sense.

Anyway, it really did work, because six hours in the car with Dad and I didn’t even smell a thing! Now this I could get used to… Check out more about the PURGGO air freshener here.

On our way down to Key Largo we also drove through the Everglades. While passing through, we stopped at a little rest station to check out some wild gators hanging about in the water.

Gator Everglades

That’s not a fish I’d want to mess with!

However, I do not have a problem posing on a statue of one. And I definitely don’t have a problem with random back scratches from Spiderman…

Little Boy Petting Crusoe

(That was Spiderman, right?)

When we finally arrived I was pleased to see we had our own vacation home right on a canal.

Crusoe in Key Largo, Florida

After giving myself a little tour, I was very pleased. This was going to be a lot of fun.

But as the day was almost over, I decided to just kick back in the hammock and relax, mentally preparing for the adventures of tomorrow.

Dachshund Hammock

Hope you enjoyed Part 1.

More to come with scuba diving and a full video wrap-up of my vacation in Part 2! And if you enjoy my fishing antics, don’t forget that my new book has plenty of it!

Keep fishin’,

~ Crusoe

Keep ballin’,