Dog Gone Skiing

This past weekend I tried my hand paw at downhill skiing in Quebec. As usual, I (as well as Mum and Dad) underestimated my uncanny ability to pick up new things quickly and do them exceptionally well.

So how good was I? Well let’s just say I’m already considering an Olympic career.

But let’s start at the beginning. First I commissioned Dad to build me this ski/bobsled hybrid contraption thing.

Dog Goes Skiing
…With my trusty GoPro camera mounted in the front, of course.

Then we went to the ski hill, called Vallée Bleue of Val-David, Quebec. They don’t normally allow dogs, but when I went to to the ticket booth and the guy didn’t appear to recognize me I said, “hey, do you even know how famous of a wiener I am? I got more fans than the population of this town”.

Of course he couldn’t turn down such a respected wiener.

So since it was my first time, we started on the bunny hill (that’s the beginner’s hill for any non-skiers out there), which features an easy magic carpet to bring kids (or in this case, a skiing dachshund) to the top.

Dog GoPro Ski
I went up the magic carpet, excited to make my first tracks, however I was a little nervous getting off the giant conveyor belt.

Dog Skiing Bunny Hill

But it really wasn’t so hard. The lift attendant stood nearby in case I needed help.

As I sat atop the hill scoping out my route down, kids stood around me in amazement..

Skis for Dogs

As I always say, it doesn’t matter how you do something – it’s how good you look doing it.

And I think the all-around consensus on the mountain that day was that I looked damn good – or as most if them would say, “trop cute“.

So, with that ego boost to spur me forward, I was confident enough to take my first run down.

Make way!

Wiener dog goes downhill skiing

Coming through!

After an enjoyable, successful first run, I was already eyeing a bigger challenge…

Dog Wearing Ski Goggles

To the chairlift!

My need for speed and thirst for adrenaline was far from satisfied. We needed a steeper hill.

Dog at Ski Resort

I’ve been on chairlifts before in the summer, but nonetheless Mum refused to loosen her death grip around me. For all the better I suppose..

Wiener Dog Goes Skiing

But as usual being a celebrity dachshund, I had barely made it off the chairlift before being swarmed by a group photo-hungry paparazzi.

Famous Dog Goes Skiing

Once they got their fill, I was free to cruise down the mountain – to experience that cool mountain air rushing over my face and to take in the majestic beauty all around me..

Famous Dog Skiing

And so, my official decision on skiing – and what Mum and Dad found to be most funny about the entire day – was that I love skiing.

Wiener Dog Downhill Skiing

It’s true!

The whole time I never complained. In fact quite the opposite. As Mum said, I “seemed quite excited about it” and enjoyed watching all the people go by while having the air whoosh past me!

So from now on when referring to me in any sort of winter/mountain context, please address me as a ‘hardcore skier’.

Dog on Skis

Because baby, that’s the only way I know how to do it ; )

Mum, Dad and Uncle Jack took me up to do multiple runs, and I loved each one of them.

Dachshund on Skis

My only complaint was that Uncle Jack here didn’t go fast enough.

..And maybe that my ski/bobsled thing was not up to the aesthetic level I’d like it to be at (but Dad can work on that).

Heck, by the end of the day I was even running race courses! And get this, I even set a world record…

Dog Skiing

…For the fastest wiener on skis!

So, how about we see all that in one of my 6-second videos? Ready?



Consider that your teaser video, because as you likely noticed I had a GoPro on my skis there, and well, that video’s still to come!

In the meantime, I can’t wait to go back to ski at Vallée Bleue.

Cutest Dog in World

Hope you enjoyed my first day of skiing as much as me!

What do you say, want to see more?

Cute Dog Scarf

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Keep skiin’,

~ Crusoe

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