Explorer Training Video

I thought I should share some of the highly trained and technical skills I have acquired over the (2) years of my life in regards to the art & science of exploring.

I put together the below Training Guide Video, which demonstrates an exploring scenario with my tips along the way. Of course the video features myself.

This video is just my teaser trailer which I will use for promotional purposes in selling my complete Explorer’s Training Guide Seriesavailable for only 13 easy payments of 23 squeaky balls (shipping not included). That’s a deal if I ever heard one!

Enjoy this limited time preview!

The full series will be more in-depth, focusing on specific subjects. I will explain some of my tracking skills, and what to do once you catch a scent. Most dogs will just go bumbling after a scent, barking all the way. This is not the correct method. I will show you how to explore, discover scents, follow scents, and then what to do once you catch it. But I haven’t caught anything yet so I’ll have to improvise when I get to that point.. Specifically, I will demonstrate how to track and reveal the following vermins, all of which I have experience with:

    • Squirrels
    • Partridge
    • Marmots
    • Rabbits
    • Ducks
    • Gophers
    • Bears (OK, I only saw it from inside but still..)
    • Fish!

But even being a dachshund (badger dog), ironically, I don’t have experience with badgers yet. Soon though, soon. Mum doesn’t recommend it, but dad so go for it – if I can find one. This is me checking out a gopher hole under our deck.

dachshund hunting badgers

There’s me with the ducks!

dachshund swimming after ducks

The series will feature a special extra video on fishing. I love fishing, and would be happy to teach others to be just as annoying as I am on a boat.

dachshund fishing

Then, as an extra special extra video, I would like to create a City Dog Explorer’s Guide, which will teach you how to deal with pesky cats, squirrels, and raccoons.

You might even call it the all round, Dog Survival Guide. Anyway, we’ll see how my promo video takes off and I’ll go from there.

Being a celebrity I thought I better start investing in some random ventures like most celebrities do. Up next, Crusoe Cologne – The Sexy Scent for Dogs, endorsed by none other than your local celebrity dachshund (and you don’t want to know what’s in it).


Hope you learned something!

Keep explorin’,

~ Crusoe

Keep ballin’,