"Dachshunds & Manatees" - GoPro Video

As most of you know, I just got back from a great little vacation to Florida. Although I try to enjoy my vacations, everything I do is under the spotlight. So it’s not as easy as you may think. I always have to be thinking about how I look, my angle towards the camera, what I’m wearing, and of course – always be flexin’.

I already covered a lot of my trip in one of my previous post called Florida Vacation in 6-Second Vine Videos, but I got a special GoPro video for you in this post that’s more than 6 seconds (as by popular request ; )

It all started with my quest for manatees. However, I’m the type of dog who enjoys the journey, not just the destination. So on our intrepid boating expedition to find the manatees, we came across a few other things first.


Now as the captain of the ship, I have the sole privilege of sitting on Mum’s lap. This gives me a good vantage point for seeing ahead, since I wasn’t exactly blessed with long legs (but I make up for it in every other way).

Plus it’s warmer than sitting on the plain ol’ seats. I may be a rugged adventurer, but I’m still a pampered celebrity.

Cute Crusoe Dachshund Captain!

It wasn’t long before I saw – er, heard our first creature.

It was something you might be surprised to hear about in Florida, and that’s monkeys!

That’s right, monkeys. And they lived on their own little island. Looks like they got stranded there with their boat, the USS Primate. Probably got washed up on those rocks in a bad storm..

Wiener Dog Sees Monkeys!

It’s a wonder they haven’t been rescued by now.

Usually I would go all Rambo on furry creatures like these, but I have a soft spot for monkeys (one of my favorite toys is a monkey). So I told Dad to swing the boat by the rocks and that I would hop onto the island to go save them.

He told me they might not be as ‘receptive’ as I may think. Well heck, if they don’t want to be saved they can stay on their little rock.

Moving on, next stop was the gator hole. I’ve been watching a lot of Duck Dynasty and Swamp People lately, so I’ve been aching to do some gator fishin’ of my own.

Gater fishin' weenie

A lot of fans told me to ‘be careful’ when I told them about this, but seriously, don’t worry about it. My middle name is danger-gator.

How many weenie dogs do you know that can say they’ve come close enough to smell gator breath?

Crusoe Smells Gator Breath

Well I can. And it stinks.

It wasn’t long before we starting spotting the circular ripples on the water’s surface. We had finally arrived to the manatees! Time to gear up and go see them for myself!

And well, this part is better described with my all-new GoPro video..

Hope you took notice of my great doggy paddle. My front paws churn so much power I don’t even need to use my back legs.. ; )

Swimming Dachshund Underwater

The manatees were quite something to meet up close, and although I first looked at them as a giant trophy fish, they are extremely gentle giants. In fact, they’re having a bit of a tough time this year (with red tide and all), so if you’d like to lend them a helping paw, you can donate to the Save the Manatee Organization.

I hope to swim with them again soon. And as always, looking forward to my next vacation.

Keep paddlin’,

~ Crusoe

Keep ballin’,