The 'Quirks' of a Dachshund

We are all a little weird in our own way. I may be a celebrity but am still no exception to being a bit quirky. I do some silly things once in a while, as I’m sure a lot of other dachshunds do.

After a period of denial, I have come to realize I have a somewhat unhealthy obsession with snowballs to the point that it could potentially be a problem. Mum and dad said they can’t throw snowballs for me anymore because my squeaks of excitement are just too loud and unfaltering – and it disturbs people at the park and in the neighborhood. I have shown it before, but in case someone’s missed it, here is a video of me chasing a snowball. Those are the sounds I make every time I chase a snowball. Just imagine how cuckoo I must look doing that in a doggy park in the city. I may actually need to go see someone about this soon..

I even wanted to bring a snowball back inside the condo a couple of nights ago.


I also do a very similar squeal noise when I go fishing. I love fishing. I will hang over the side of the boat waiting for someone to reel in a fish, and when they do, it’s like the most exciting thing in the world. You can read more about my fishing exploits in my Florida posts.

Another bizarre thing I do is bury/hide my food. I typically just blame this on instinct to hide my food for later, but mum says, “no, you’re just crazy, Crusoe”. But I think it’s also because I don’t totally trust my dad, as I would imagine he might try to eat them – especially since I usually only hide my food when he is around. Why don’t I trust him? Well, you’ll need to read my previous post on how my dad betrayed me. I will forgive, but never forget.

Take a look at the below video.

Sometimes mum or dad will walk by my food bowl and see a sock stuffed into it, or one of my soft toys. One time when we were out on an especially long expedition, my mum had brought my food and bowl along with us. She set it out for me when we stopped for lunch, and when she looked back at me 2 minutes later, there was a mound of dirt over it. She got mad at me for that, but I told her it was because dad kept looking at it.

At home I will take a mouthful of kibbles and then go hide them in the bed or wrapped up in a blanket somewhere. It’s kind of squirrelish actually. I mainly do this as preparation for the end of the world. Someone named Maya on Twitter told me the world is going to end this year. I didn’t believe them at first, but, what do I know? So anyway, I figured I should at least hide some stores of kibbles around in case dire circumstances ever come along and I get really hungry. Oh shoot! Now that I think of it I forgot water… I’ll have to talk to mum about that.

I’m not a big eater anyway. It takes me a while to even get down to the last kibble. Part of maintaining a healthy physique is to eat slowly..


What else?

Hmm. I have a fear of wires and cables. I don’t like to go around the back of the TV or near any electrical wires. If my ball ends up back there, mum or dad has to go get it for me. I get this really unpleasant ‘charged’ feeling every time I go near them.

The last one I can think of for now is how I can only go to sleep if I have a tennis ball in my mouth. Every night when bedtime comes along, I grab a ball and go up to cuddle under the covers. The ball is like a baby’s soother in my mouth – it puts me to sleep with nice dreams of playing.

So tell me, what is it your dachshund does that is ‘quirky’?

Keep quirkin’,

~ Crusoe

Keep ballin’,