My Wardrobe & Toy Collection

This past weekend Mum declared a day of Spring Cleaning since Spring is only a couple days away (despite our weather telling us otherwise). Since I have people to do my cleaning for me, I was not really bothered by this – at first. Little did I know that she had a plan up her sleeves. But we’ll get to that soon.

First, Mum asked I tidy up my room since it was getting a bit messy. This is one chore I actually like doing as it gives me a nice opportunity to reflect and admire all my trophies, awards, and my treasured wardrobe of outfits, costumes, and accessories.

So I figured heck, why not do a kind of “MTV Cribs” blog post – celebrity dachshund style?

Thus, I would like to grace you with this rare glimpse inside my private wardrobe – something which very few have ever seen.

Dachshund Wardrobe

Now hold on – I know what you’re thinking;

“Crusoe, that wardrobe doesn’t look nearly big enough to fit everything you own inside?!”

And you would be correct to assume so. Only so many things fit in here, and it’s not even everything I own. Just thought you should know that (wouldn’t want you to get the wrong idea).

Allow me to do the honors…

So there you have it; this is what a celebrity dachshund’s wardrobe looks like (although Mum says I still need to work on my folding).

Dachshund Clothes and Outfits

You may recognize some outifts in there, including my chef outfit, scuba diving suit, fishing attire, captain uniform, pirate getup, and even my Royal Mountie uniform.

And how could we forget, BATDOG!


Sorry – I just couldn’t resist modeling a few things for you…

I have a shelf specifically for all my spectacles – including hispter glasses, aviators, shades, and of course, my thinking glasses.

I have a shelf for all my ties, scarfs, and bling.

Ties for Dogs

Heck, I even have a shelf stuffed full of bikinis and thongs that somehow got left here after my wiener dog pool party!

For everything else that doesn’t fit in my wardrobe, such as some of my larger, more detailed costumes (such as the firetruck costume and two monkeys carrying a box of bananas costume), I have a back-up cubby holder – which is also where I keep most of my trophies.

Dachshund Costumes Outfit

BUT ONCE AGAIN, those are not ALL my trophies either. I keep a few downstairs in the living room for guests to see when they come over.

For those of you who are curious, my outfits and costumes are a combination of store-bought, re-purposed and hand-made items.

And since I’m showcasing my wardrobe, I might as well tell you about two new microfleece sweaters that were given to me by – the online store for dachshund-specific clothing, harnesses and accessories.

Dachshund Apparel

They’re warm, cozy, great quality, and most importantly, they fit the unique proportions of a dachshund perfectly!

Don’t you think I look good?

Noodle and Friends for Dachshunds

(That was a stupid question).

But anyway, I’m not just saying all that because they gave me these for free. In fact, I’ve had jackets from in my wardrobe since before I was a celebrity and before they even knew who I was!

The red jacket I often wear on my winter expeditions (such as on my recent skiing adventure) is also from them!

Dog Goes Skiing

(Minus the butt helmet – they don’t make those).

It’s more than just the wardrobe though. In fact, that whole room is mine. It also features my work desk where (for a brief period) I took up model ship building…

And it’s also where I have my backdrop and lighting setup for studio shots!

Such as this one of Oakley and I – er, Robin and BATDOG!

BATDOG and Robin Dog Costume

Hope you enjoyed seeing my room!

But cleaning is never as fun as it sounds. It didn’t take long for me to realize that while I was cleaning my room upstairs… Mum had begun sorting through my basket of toys downstairs to throw out all the ones I no longer played with!

So of course, I rushed downstairs to intervene.

She argued that most of these I didn’t even play with anymore, and that if we got rid of some then I’d have room in the basket for more new ones.

I have to say, she knows me well, for that was a good argument. But despite her logic, I ended up rekindling my love for many of my older toys that she was sorting through.

At first she resisted, but I played the sad, cute face.

Cute Dachshund Expression

It worked. Thanks Mum! : )

But to appease her at least, I agreed to throw out a few of the ones I really didn’t care for – conditional on the promise that there would be new toys to replace them.

The worst news was yet to come though. I sneakily overheard Mum and Dad discussing that they would need to throw out one of my absolute favorite toys – and friend. I’m talking about my teddy named Big T.


Mum says he’s dirty and can’t fit in the washer machine, and that I’ve just about ripped him to pieces…

Well, that’s the biggest bologna of an answer I’ve ever heard. I love Big T just the way he is. I have to say, it’s not often that I curse around the house, but this was one of those times.

Heck, I was scared to leave Big T unattended, so I even had a nap on his cozy back.

Cute Dachshund Sleeping

I hope they don’t take him away.

But if they do (which they probably will), first there’s going to be a shit-storm of a temper tantrum up in here, and then they better go buy me another one twice as big.

Keep ballin’,

~ Crusoe

P.S. I keep a back-up stash of toys upstairs in my private room to safeguard my favorites ; )

Dachshunds Love Toys

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Keep ballin’,