My Final 3 Vacation Options

It’s been about a week since I announced I was going on a vacation, and since then I’ve been doing a lot of research as to where I should go. That is, whenever I could find time between playing with Oakley. I’ve consulted maps, tourist websites, and talked to all my friends. Unfortunately, I don’t know many other dogs who travel a whole lot, but my fans on Facebook provided some great insights as to some cool destinations.

Cute Dachshund Looking at Map

Normally, I would have Mum, Dad or a hired assistant do my research for me, but since Mum said I get to choose where we go, I wanted to learn about my possibilities firsthand. I still found myself getting bored or losing concentration when reading too much – that is until I discovered that having my ball in my mouth helped to keep me awake and concentrated.

Funny Dachshund Wearing Glasses

Maybe you humans should try keeping a ball in your mouth when you’re at work. Who knows, it might improve your productivity. As I’ve pointed out before, I don’t need my glasses to read – they just help me think more sophisticatedly. Yet you can tell I don’t think like that very often because those glasses are a little dirty.

It took some serious consideration to all my possibilities..

Funny Dachshund on Computer

..Yet after much hard work I have finally narrowed down my choices to 3 options. And here they are:

Nova Scotia, Canada
Maine, United States
Virginia, United States

I haven’t been to any of these places yet, and would love to experience all of them. Unfortunately I’ll only be able to choose one!

Nova Scotia looks like a truly beautiful place, especially the Cabot Trail of Cape Breton. Yet, I think the Bay of Fundy (also part of New Brunswick) would be awesome to see! It has the highest tides in the world. Plus it doesn’t hurt that I love kayaking.

Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia

I can really appreciate a stunning landscape, and it seems like there would be no shortage of those there.

Maine looks like it would be lots of fun, too. As you all know I am an avid fisherman, and would love the chance to catch a lobster. I’d have to be careful not to get my nose pinched off though (already got one battle scar on the ol’ whiffer). Plus, as my fan Ruth Oliver pointed out, there’s the Planet Dog Factory Store there!

LIghthouse Maine

There are lots of beautiful mountains and wilderness to explore there, too.

I’ve made sure that if I end up at either of the above two destinations that I pack some explorer gear. Here’s me with my Tilly hat and super-powered binoculars for spotting squirrels and such.

Wiener Dog Binoculars Tilly Hat

Then there’s Virginia, the place for lovers. That’s got my name written all over it. Plus there’s a great beach there – in which case I’ll use the above hat for the sun and the binoculars to spot the babes from afar. Who knows, I might even find a little vacation romance ; )

Virginia Beach for Dogs

I could use a little sunshine from this wet, chilly spring we’ve been having. But don’t forget this vacation comes at a cost.. Mum is leaving me for a whole week this April while she goes off to enjoy St. Lucia, Caribbean.

So the choice is mine of course, but I would like to hear what my fans have to say about these 3 places. It’s going to be a tough decision to make all on my own..!

Keep travelin’,

~ Crusoe

Keep ballin’,