I'm Goin' to the Bahamas !

Well there you go, I couldn’t hold it in anymore – I’m going to the Bahamas !

Thanks to all my fans and their suggestions, and although no one specifically recommended Bahamas, it was with your help that I decided on this place. Although, it wasn’t without some very critical thinking..

cute dachshund in sun

Many people recommended Hollywood, which would of course make sense for a celebrity such as myself. But here’s my reasoning; Hollywood is where the stars work.. not where they vacation (generally speaking). So where do they vacation?

Well, there is a popular island of the Bahamas that is known as a celebrity getaway because it’s quiet, secluded, pristine, and not as busy as the main island. It’s called Eleuthera & Harbour Island. In fact, the Wall Street Journal once did an article on Eleuthera, describing it as the next trendy island destination that has already become the vacation home of many celebrities such as Mick Jagger, Lenny Kravitz, the Royal Family, Cameron Diaz, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Aniston, and more.

So that’s where I’m headed! I’m sure I’ll fit in just great.

And of course, being a celebrity I need to travel in style. So I’ve asked Mum to book me a first class ticket to the island. She said we probably couldn’t afford to all go in first class, so I told her I wouldn’t mind if she just got me a first class ticket and her and Dad go in economy.

Last time I was stuck in a cramped up economy seat.

And after we landed I even had to get my own bags! That’s hardly a celebrity service. I can tell you I will have much higher standards for this trip. After all, it is my birthday present.

I also rented a nice private villa for myself (and family). Since the whole point of this vacation is to ‘getaway’ from all the paparazzi and hubbub of the city, I won’t tell you where on the island it is. But here’s some photos!

This will be a great place to use my snorkel gear and meet some babes! Maybe even meet some fellow celebrity babes.. (that’s right, I’m a babe ; )

Now this is all great news, but of course there is still the matter at hand – which is that Mum is leaving for St. Lucia without me on Sunday for a whole two weeks. So until then, I will be giving her my best guilt trip performance to extract as many sympathy gifts as possible.

I was successful in scoring this big teddy (doggy), which with the help of my fans I have named, Big T, where the letter T is up for your interpretation. I also told Mum and Dad that Big T would be accompanying us to Bahamas, and so to book him a seat.

I don’t think I can contain myself until the end of November. It’s going to feel like so long, but will be so worthwhile. I can’t wait to find me some ‘Bahama Mamas’ , and I’m not taking about the drink ; )

I also have a lot of preparations to do with getting my passport and documents all together. I’ll let you know how it goes. I also have some other exciting things coming up before then !

Keep ballin’,

~ Crusoe


Keep ballin’,