Video Post | Snowshoeing!

You likely saw my last video of my Beginner Dog’s Guide to Explorer Training. Well, to be honest that was sort of a spur-of-the-moment thing I tried. Unfortunately at the time I only had Dad there to film me. I don’t want to say anything too mean because he reads this blog (but filming is not his forté). So anyway, for this video I organized it a bit more in advance, and in doing so was able to hire a professional camera crew and everything. So it’s less shaky and also shot in HD! Now you can see just how pretty I am..

Enjoy the video then read the rest of the post below!

As you can see, I’m usually pretty pumped to start my walk expedition. You might even think I’m a little crazy. Once Dad asks me, “wanna go on a walk?”, I start to do my squeals of excitement. Once that front door opens, I’m like a greyhound out of the starting gate. First thing I look for is something to expel all this bundled up energy on. A snowball makes for a good target.

There’s something very satisfying about destroying snowballs. I don’t particularly like the taste.. it’s just a nice feeling to chomp something to pieces.

Dachshund Likes Snow in Winter

But I can’t be distracted for too long. I have to lead the expedition. I can’t let Mum take the lead – no way! That would be like having a baboon lead the elephant march! (Sorry, I just watched the Jungle Book – had to throw that one in). I’m like the alpha elephant.

But once we get into the deep snow, like you saw at the end, I have to (frustratingly) stay behind Mum so that I can hop from one footprint to the other. Man, is that ever a work out! And when you think about how I do this everyday, it makes sense that I have such a nice physique ; )

But get this! I just went for my regular check up at my private vet, who only works on celebrity dogs (and also charges celebrity prices). But anyway, he said I might want to lose half a pound of weight! Can you believe that? So, he’s fired.

Hope you enjoyed my video.

Keep snowshoin’,

~ Crusoe

Keep ballin’,