Reminiscin' of my Puppy Days

As it was my birthday yesterday, it made me reminisce back to my good ol’ puppy days. The days before I was a celebrity, the days where I could stroll through town without having flocks of people come squawking around me for paw stamps (that’s a dog’s autograph). As much as I love my ballin’ life now, you can’t help but miss your puppyhood.

I was born in Montreal. It was a confusing time. My brothers and sisters had all disappeared, leaving me as the last puppy of the litter. I was happy that I hadn’t been carried away by complete strangers and that I could stay with my real mum, but strangely, a part of me was yearning to leave. I was a shy puppy (ironic, I know – now that I’m famous), which I guess was why I was the last one. So when my new mum and dad came all the way to Montreal to pick me up, I didn’t hesitate to show them some love. And you know what they say; the last puppy is oftentimes the best one.

My new owners paid my breeder for me, and we left for home. I’m sure my breeder wishes she could have known I would have grown up to be a celebrity – she could have charged millions, maybe more. The below picture is me at my new home on the very first day.

Crusoe Dachshund as Puppy

My dad says he liked me better as a puppy when my nose was shorter. But, he’s learning to like it the way it is now. That’s the way dachshund’s are!

I was still very timid as a puppy. I probably spent 90% of my time on my mum’s lap. But when I wasn’t, I was starting to explore – showing the first signs of what would one day be an intrepid adventurer.


But the most fun part of my puppyhood was that it was winter, so I was being house-trained in what was -30 degree weather. That’s sarcasm by the way. It was brutal. I’m surprised I didn’t freeze to death. No wonder I had so many accidents (don’t tell my mum, but they weren’t really “accidents”).

As I started to get older, I began going on walks with my best friend, Laffie. She’s my mum’s family’s dog. She’s a medium-sized dog and has been living out in the woods her whole life. She was the one who taught me everything I know about tracking, chasing, and hunting. She goes on a minimum of two, 45 minute walks everyday; sometimes more. I kept up with her from the beginning. And that is where I got my muscles.

Crusoe Dachshund

After my puppyhood, we moved to the city, which is where I am now. But I still go back to my country home now and then, as well as Florida and other places. My owners still maintain my high-priority training everyday to make sure I stay in amazing shape. For when we arrived in the city, that’s when I was recognized as potential to be a star. My life took off from there, and now you’re lookin’ at the Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund. The specifics of how I was discovered will have to wait for another time.

Enjoy this post, cause I won’t always do stuff this personal. I’m more about the babes and partying right now…

Keep ballin’,

~ Crusoe

Keep ballin’,