Shoppin' at PetSmart

Who doesn’t love a shopping spree? Or even more so, what celebrity doesn’t love a shopping spree?

I definitely do. My favorite place to go to, (and really the only place I’m allowed into) is PetSmart. I try to make it a weekly thing. I still, however, do the majority of my shopping online. Did you know that this holiday season is supposed to see a 30% increase in online shopping over last year? Crazy…

So usually it will be on the way back from one of my walks, when mum and dad start saying, “wanna go to PetSmart? wanna go to PetSmart?”. I know what that means. I get all excited and by the time we get to the store I’m spring-loaded and ready like a greyhound dachshund at the starting gate. We get out of the car and I lead mum and dad to the entrance, where I always seem to get a little fright from the automatic sliding doors.

I enter the store and go through my usual meet-and-greet with my fans who noticed me. I imprint a couple pawtographs and then it’s shoppin’ time!

I always start in the bone section. Probably because that’s where the strongest smells come from.


But, my favorite section is not the bone section. In fact, you might even say my pass-through of the bone section is almost rushed. The main place I’m goin’ is the “squeaky section”.


At this point I’m not afraid to get up on the shelves to try out the various squeaky toys. And to add to the fun, my dad will walk by and start squeaking all the toys at once – which drives me just bananas.

I’ll spend some time there until I finally decide on which toys I would like. There’s a lot to consider when selecting squeaky toys. One has to consider durability for sure, as I treat my toys like hunting-training devices – I don’t hold back. Second, I look at the number of embedded squeakers. I usually break them, so the more the better and the longer it will keep me satisfied. Once the squeak stops, I often lose interest. Texture is also important. Not too soft fur, but not the gross, chemical-smelling rubber toys either. If the fur is too soft, I’ll just rip it all off. Then I’ll consider shape, size, and the animal it resembles. I don’t like fantasy animals or abstract things. It has to resemble a real creature I would potentially meet in the woods. I also look for a shape with many appendages, as this determines its ‘shakability’. I need to be able to ravage it and shake it back and forth. That’s the key to a good toy.

Lastly, I’ll look at the loudness of the squeak itself. I usually prefer as loud as possible, but mum and dad don’t let me take those ones most of the time, as it will drive them crazy later on.

If there’s anything I missed, or if you look for other things in your toys, leave me a comment and let me know.

I told mum I want her to take me to PetSmart’s PetHotel for a spa treatment, but that hasn’t happened yet. She said I could go there once I reach 500 Facebook fans (so hurry up and spread the word – I need a back rub ; ).


So after we ring up a couple squeaky toys, it’s back to home. I love to play with my toys in the backseat the whole way home. But sometimes I get so annoying with my persistent squeaking that mum will take me and hold me on her lap. At that time I realize how pooped I am, and I might even take a little nap.


But when I get home, it’s partyyyyy time!

Keep squeakin’,

~ Crusoe

Keep ballin’,