Holiday Gift Giving

The holidays are fun to see family, but opening gifts is something I can’t hide looking forward to. The night before Christmas I get vivid dreams of piles of squeaky balls, squeaky toys, and bones under the tree. My legs twitch in excitement. Oh, how I love Christmas. And it’s only my second one!


One of the most fun parts of presents is opening them. I love to savagely shred the wrapping paper away. It’s so satisfying when you reveal a fresh new toy and chomp into it for the first time!


The worst is going through all that work of opening the gift (and mum and dad getting me more excited all the while), just to find stupid clothes. I want toys! One of my gifts was marked, “to my big brother – from Oakley”. He gave me the nice sweater you’ll see below. It doesn’t squeak, but it keeps me warm, and that I like. Plus, it’s another item to add to my extensive celebrity wardrobe. As for hockey, well, I guess I’ll have to start watching it.


And if any hockey fans out there find a rivalry or something with the Montreal Canadiens, don’t worry. This doesn’t mean I’m all for them. The great thing about being a celebrity is that I can represent any place. I always root for the team that is winning the most. I find I’m never disappointed that way…

I did get a couple nice squeaky toys, including Bobo from the below PetSmart commercial (that’s a great commercial by the way. They must have been inspired by my antics for that one).

I got a new squeaky face from Noodle and Friends!, which I love so much that I can’t help breaking it within the first 5 minutes. Mum says if I keep breaking them she won’t get them for me anymore. I know she’s just bluffing. She couldn’t deprive her hunny bun of life-giving squeaky toys, could she?


While we were at my dad’s side of the family, I noticed this big, white, fluffy thing sitting close to the tree. At first I thought someone must have gotten me an extra-big teddy bear at the last minute – not having time to wrap it. I went over to it and was about to chomp down on what I thought would be the squeaky part, when all of a sudden the thing moved! At that point I laughed at myself, because it was actually my new cousin, Cooper, who I just met for the first time. He is a labradabadoodle… or however you say that.


He was a cool guy – a bit ‘bouncy’ though. I had to be careful he didn’t jump on me. They should have called him Tigger…

Anyway, below is a nice dachshund bum picture for all of you ladies out there.


I hope you were all able to recognize right away that this isn’t my bum. It’s my brother Oakley’s. My bum would be much more defined and chiseled.

Hope you all enjoyed your holidays with lots of treats & toys!

Keep ballin’,

~ Crusoe

Keep ballin’,