A Special New Year's Message

Today is New Year’s eve, and tomorrow I look forward to starting a brand new year with many more adventures to come. But until then, I’m making the best out of the last moments of 2013.

Which is why I decided to make delicious homemade sushi for the family in celebration. Salmon is one of my favorite foods, so it only seemed right!

I posted the above video on Facebook, wherein I received some criticism for using the chop stick “cheaters”. But heck, give me a break! Chop sticks are hard enough – let alone when you don’t have opposable thumbs!

Sushi For Dogs | Crusoe Dachshund

It was delicious -but then again, everything I make is.

You may be surprised to hear that this post is not all about me (crazy, I know).

The reason for this post is because of this little package I received around Christmas from a fan of mine.

Crusoe Receives Fan Mail

This wasn’t like my regular fan mail though.

It was from a little dachshund named Saint all the way from West Palm Beach, Florida.

Fan Mail to Crusoe

Saint sent me the box in cooperation with his Dad and two lady friends; Mischief (the dachshund) and Kayos (the German shepherd).

Mischief and Kayos

So why am I telling you about this?

Well, Saint had a special favor to request of me, and I was more than happy to oblige, seeing that it’s New Year’s Eve and all.

You see, Saint’s Dad (Lionel) is a policeman for the West Palm Beach police force. Before 6 years ago, he had never known dachshunds. Then he met Kimberly, who worked as a dispatcher at the police department and owned two dachshunds – Saint and Mischief.

They started dating, and Lionel immediately fell in love with the little pups (and Kimberly) after they took their first ride in his cruiser.

Saint and Mischoef

Since Kimberly is a big fan of my dog blog, Saint and Lionel thought it appropriate to reach out to me for what’s now about to happen.

Allow me to do the honors on behalf of Lionel…

Dachshund Wedding Proposal


Kimberly Garcia, will you marry Lionel Santana?

Here is the beautiful ring that Lionel picked out just for you (although I think he’s crazy for sending it to me through the mail)!

Dachshund Ring Bearer

I’ve since sent it back, so I hope that within minutes after reading this blog post, it may rest safely on your finger!

All the best to Lionel and Kimberly, and of course Saint, Mischief, and Kayos!

I hope she says “yes”, but how could she say no to a stud like me?! ; )

Lionel and Kimberly

And that folks, is why you can’t go wrong by asking me to propose to your girlfriend for you!

Allow me to finish off with a few words from Lionel himself:

“I want to marry Kimberly and spend the rest of my life with her not only because I love her dearly, but also because I want to give her the happiness she missed when her father died at such an early age. She went through rough times during her teenage years. She deserves happiness. She has also won the love of all my family and has become my mom’s best friend. Definitely, I can say that Kimberly is my better half and will be a great mother of our future children.”

I think my work is done. Now all that’s left is for me to find the woman of my dreams…

Dachshund Love

In the meantime, I’ll post an edit to this post once I hear of Kimberly’s response!

Happy New Year everyone!

Happy New Year

May it be full of happiness and love! : )

Now it’s time to celebrate!

Keep proposin’,

~ Crusoe

Keep ballin’,