One Reason to Look Forward to Winter

I am really not a fan of the cold. In fact, my dad makes fun of me all the time for being such a wuss. Usually I would tell him to bug off and then hide his socks later to get back at him, but this time I have to agree with him. I think it’s actually wiener dog instinct to be big babies when it’s chilly. If it’s a cold morning, I’ll stay in bed under the covers even until noon sometimes! But hey, my dad does the same on Saturdays, so who cares?

Anyway, the cold sucks, yes, but at least I have my cozy jackets from Noodle and Friends to keep me warm. It’s ironic considering my puppyhood. As you should all know, I was born in October. My parents picked me up in January – while they were living near Mont Tremblant of Quebec. So guess what, I was house trained in -30 degree weather. No wonder it took me a while to get it. Anyway, you can see why I should be normalized to the cold by now… but no.


But despite the cold, there is one thing I LOVE about winter. And here’s what it is – snowballs.

I love snowballs, almost more than squeaky balls (and that’s sayin’ a hellofa lot).

My dad packs together a nice tight, round snowball, winds up, and bowls it across the ground. I love chasing it and then crunching it to pieces. I get so excited that I squeal. It’s a bizarre sound – one which I (and mum and dad) have not yet witnessed from other dachshunds (when excited). It sounds like a yelp, as if I’ve been hurt. But nope – it’s pure, pure blissful excitement.

Take a look for yourself…

It’s pretty crazy, I know.

So, that’s the one and only thing I really look forward to in winter. No matter how acquainted a dachshund is with the cold, we always prefer a warm, toasty bed.

Keep snowballin’,

~ Crusoe

Keep ballin’,