Dachshund Costumes & Some Cool News

Well, I’ve been really busy lately tending to all my affairs, and since Mum and Dad live to serve me, they too have been busy.

However, I wanted to give the fans an update on things.

First of all, one of the reasons I’ve been a bit quiet lately is because I’ve been commissioned for a special project. Anyone who’s seen any of my YouTube videos likely knows that I trust upon my handy GoPro camera for all my filming. I guess it was for good reason because the kind folks at GoPro reached out to me, asking if I might film some more footage of me fishing that they could put together for either a television commercial or web video!

GoPro Dog Cam

I jumped on the opportunity faster than you can say ‘dachshund’. So currently I’m waiting to find out from them if it will in fact become a commercial. Of course it’s no guarantee, but I’ve got my paws crossed.

Then, as you know Halloween is fast approaching, and yours truly will be the esteemed celebrity judge at my local Halloweenie costume contest tomorrow (October 26) as hosted by the Canadian Dachshund Rescue.

Halloweenie Celebrity Judge

If you’re in the Ottawa area, I hope you can make it out. Ill have a photo booth setup to take pictures with the fans (and will be secretly accepting bribes in amounts excessive of 100 dollars – squeaky toys will also suffice).

I hope they know what they were getting into by selecting me as the judge, as everyone knows I have quite a bias towards scantily clad sexy ladies. I know it seems shallow for me to say this, but in this case the lady who wears as little costume as possible might just be the wiener winner ; )

Wiener Dog Pool Party Bikinis

I also have no problem telling you that I will be attending the event as BATDOG.

BATDOG Halloween Costume

Since I’m not a contestant, and since BATDOG is not a costume anyway, I figured this was a perfect opportunity to slip in with the crowd and be on watch for any suspicious behavior.

Since everyone will be in costume they probably wont recognize that I’m not in costume. And I need to keep an eye on those wired hairs, especially if they’re going to be slithering around in disguises…

However, I wouldn’t want to deprive fans of another Crusoe costume, so don’t worry, I will have a new costume to show off on Halloween – that’s not BATDOG. Plus, it will be coordinated with Mum and Dad’s costume! ; )

In the meantime, here’s a few of my previous costumes if you need some inspiration!

Two Monkeys Carrying a Box of Bananas:

Two Dogs Carrying Box Costume

Wile E. Coyote:

Wile. E. Coyote Wiener Dog Costume

My ‘Wire Haired’ disguise:

Dog in Disguise as Wire Haired

Long Body Crusoe - Pirate Dachshund
Above costume from www.anitaccessories.com. Find a supplier on their site!

My brother Oakley and I as a fire truck and fireman, respectively

Dachshund Firefighter Costume

View more outfits and costumes of mine here.

BUT I also want to see what all my worldwide fans are up to for Halloween! So submit a photo if your dog and their costume here by the morning of Sunday October 27, and the best one will be featured in my Halloween blog post and receive a little prize pack!

And wait – that’s still not all! October 28 is my birthday where I turn 4. Can’t wait to see what Mum and Dad got me. At this point in my celebrity career I’m expecting something like a solid gold statue in my own image, or maybe that private jet I’ve been asking for since two years… Hmm.

Dachshund Thinking

Those are the big things anyway, but I’ll also be happy with anything that improves or enhances my overall physical appearance, self-worth, or fashion status.

Don’t forget to submit your Halloween entry here.

Keep workin’ on those costumes,

~ Crusoe

Keep ballin’,