Dachshund Gone Fishin'

This weekend we headed up to my chalet in the country for what was probably the last real weekend of summer we would have there.

We had some bad luck on the drive up though, as we got stuck in traffic because of an accident. I noticed Mum and Dad were starting to get frustrated, so to alleviate the situation I offered to take the wheel until it cleared up, giving them a chance to sit back.


They obliged me, and also thought it would be a good opportunity for me to practice my driving since I am becoming of that age now. I am pretty good at steering, although I have to work on keeping my eyes on the road. I kept getting distracted by the forest to our side and the other cars. I am exceptional at honking though, which Dad says is great for accident avoidance.

So anyway, we eventually got there, and the next morning was our big fishing trip.

Now if you’re a fan of mine on Facebook, you will likely have seen my new fishing outfit, which is quite dashing on me if I do say so (a lot of my fans said so, too). Now I can’t tell you exactly where I got it, but let’s just say I have some high friends over at L.L. Bean, and that this is part of my strategy in getting them to launch a new line of outdoor dog apparel (and to have me be their spokesdog).


If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know that I’m ‘nutty’ for fishing. And it’s true, I do get a bit crazy.

When Mum and Dad started getting the fishing gear together, I knew what was coming. In fact, I was so excited that I just couldn’t contain myself anymore. I waded out into the water (which isn’t exactly warm anymore), beginning the search for fish, with the occasional squeal of excited anticipation.

Then once we get on the boat, I start a continuous nervous shake that lasts the whole trip (because of my excitement). I’m quite a curious little guy, and will even watch the humans set up the rods.


When they cast, I look for the splash of the lure and then start a long series of wheezy whines that continue and escalate into excited chirps if a fish is caught.

Here we are reeling in a decent sized bass. I was about ready to jump overboard and get it myself with how impatient I was.


But of course, I couldn’t let the humans have all the fun. After all, this is a celebrity fishing outing, and I need to be able to say I fished – not just watched other people fish. I’m not paying these fishing guides top dollar for nothing..

So they set me up with a rod and a good lure. I knew it was only a question of when I got one, not if, for how could any fish resist biting on the hook of a cute and darling dachshund in his fishing outfit. I know a lot of ladies who would love to be reeled in by ol’ Crusoe here ; )


As expected, it wasn’t long before my rod was bending with a fish. I’ll admit, I needed help reeling it in (due to dexterity issues), but I was happy regardless when we pulled it into the boat.

It wasn’t a huge fish, but I would say it was just right for me. I kept trying to lick it. After all, I do have quite a refined taste for sushi. But they wouldn’t let me get too close to iit with the hook still being in it and all..


And here’s me with a big smile (and my fish!) for the memory books.


At one point, we were catching so many fish that by the time I watched one come out of the water and go over my head, there was already another one on its way up. That was a frenzied moment. I won’t be able to do this when I become an old dog, that’s for sure. I don’t think my little (big) heart could take it ; )

I’m ready for something bigger though. I’m thinking sturgeon fishing for next year.

So thanks for reading, and stay tuned for next week where I make a big announcement! (Let’s just say even more excitement).

Keep fishin’,

~ Crusoe

Keep ballin’,