Florida Trip, April 2010 - Part 2

Thanks for reading Part 2 of my Trip to Florida in April, 2010. If you missed Part 1, you can read it here.

Before I get into the main topic of my post (Florida fishing), I wanted to show you a very nice picture of a turtle that my mum took while swimming underwater in the Crystal River. It was likely a good thing I wasn’t there when my mum saw it, as I probably would have been less inclined to take a picture and more inclined to bite its face off.

turtle underwater

So anyway, it may seem crazy, but one of my all-time favorite activities in the world is fishing. There’s just something about the mystery of being over a pool of those slippery little creatures, not knowing if you’ll catch one or not. In fact, my dad said he wouldn’t be taking me anymore unless I can settle down. I have a tendency, er – a compulsiveness to get overly excited, so much so that I start whining and squealing. My mum uses the word, “cuckoo”, to describe me on a fishing boat. I love the sport, but I don’t nearly have the patience required. Below is a pic of my dad fishing and me watching.


I pay attention to every cast they make, and every splash on the surface. What’s great about the Gulf of Mexico is that it stays pretty shallow very far out, so I always feel comforted being able to see the bottom. Plus, I can see the fishies easier!

After what seemed like ages of nothing happening, my dad caught something. I rushed to the side to watch it be reeled in. It was a good thing the fish was already hooked, otherwise I definitely would have scared it away with my high-pitched yelping barks of utter excitement.


As the fish got closer and closer, I was overwhelmed with a state of mind. I couldn’t hear my mum telling me to get back from the edge or that I should be wearing my life jacket. I was in the zone – like a starved wolf watching a piece of steak dangle and meander its way closer and closer…


After that point, my camera crew had to put down their cameras to help restrain me. So that’s where my story leaves off. But in any case, the fish didn’t stay too long on board before it was released back to the depths (or the shallows I should say). And after all my commotion, expectantly we didn’t catch anything again that day.

I promised my owners that on my upcoming birthday trip to Florida, I would contain my excitement better on our fishing outings. They don’t believe me, but I don’t blame them…

I’m leaving in 5 days for a whole week. Stay tuned for my next fishing adventure!

Keep fishin’,

~ Crusoe

Keep ballin’,