Dachshund Dad Day !

I would like to say happy Father’s Day to all the fathers, whether your children be people or dogs. You all deserve to be enjoying this morning’s coffee in something like this!

wiener dog dad

Speaking about fathers, let me tell you a bit about my Dad – most of which I have found out through Mum. I’ll start by saying that he’s great, and I couldn’t really ask for a better Dad. He plays with me a lot, takes me on expeditions (which I lead), brings me to cool events where I meet lots of girls, and he lets me do pretty much whatever I want. That’s why it was so much fun when Mum left for vacation and it was just Dad and I partying at home. Read about that here..

In fact, Dad was the one who first started taking pictures of me. So in a way, you might say he is the one who set me off on the road to becoming a celebrity. Here’s one of my early pictures as a puppy, taken by him, and with him.

cutest wiener dog puppy

Now I have to say (and Mum wants me to clarify this as well), the reason I’m with my family today is because of Mum. She is the one who wanted a wiener dog and is the one who pestered Dad for so long to get one. According to Mum, Dad had originally said that “dachshunds were not his type of dog”, and that he was a “big dog person”. It was Mum’s persistence that finally got him to accept getting a dachshund.

So when they first got me, the dachshund breed was only just beginning to grow on him. He was even embarrassed to walk me down the street! Embarrassed to walk with me? ha! Nowadays people would pay to do that.

Anyway, his disposition to dachshunds changed pretty quickly once I joined them. During some of my early travels by plane, I would fly just with Dad to go meet Mum in Florida (she gets longer vacations than him if you havent noticed). That’s when dad’s opinion changed. While walking me through the airport, ladies started coming up to see me from left right and center. They would say “oh my god, he’s so cute, can I pet him?” It was at this point that Dad realized I was a walking babe magnet. Bingo!

So here’s a classic picture of me waiting for our bags at the airport. This is the type of pose that the ladies notice ; )

funny cute dachshund

Now he is proud, if not even a little flamboyant when walking me. He sports wiener dog-related t-shirts, hands out my business cards (as seen below), and even has a bumper sticker on the car! By the way, you’ll be able to buy some bumper stickers and other Crusoe fan gear pretty soon.

He is now an advocate for the breed, and has witnessed first hand the benefits of having a small dog. Read more about the benefits of being a miniature dachshund here. So for that, I appreciate him, and I’ll keep the babes coming his way (and my way), as long as Mum isn’t too close by.

Now as you know, I am currently on vacation in Maine.

It was a heck of a long drive. Way too long for me. I told Mum and Dad before that I didn’t want to do drives like these, and if they wanted to go somewhere far they could at least just send me on a plane and I would meet them there. So, I was constantly asking when we would arrive, and checking out the window to see if I recognized where we were going.


But, we’re here now, and it’s amazing! We’re staying at a nice house on the coast, with plenty of forest and squirrels around. We have a dock and a small boat we can use. There’s even a few lobster traps we can use to try to catch a fresh dinner. You’ll see me with those a bit later.

More to come soon,

Keep ballin’,

~ Crusoe

Keep ballin’,