A Celebrity Dachshund Christmas

Yesterday was the big day so I’ll start by saying that I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas, that Santa was good to you, and that the time together with your family was well spent.

I had a blast yesterday morning myself, but it didn’t come without a restless night’s sleep beforehand. I didn’t like the idea of some stranger slinking down our chimney in the middle of the night.. After he empties his big bag of gifts he could easily toss a few other things in there on his way out.

BATDOG by fireplace

So, what else is there to do besides call upon BATDOG to keep watch by the fireplace for the night.

I didn’t even leave cookies or milk for the guy because for 1) I want him in and out as soon as possible (no need to distract him into staying longer), and 2) I want to make sure he can still fit back out our chimney. From the pictures I’ve seen this guy needs to cut back on the beer and brats anyway.

I was ashamed when I awoke in my usual bed. I asked Mum how I had got there and she said I fell asleep by the fireplace so she carried me back up to bed.
I was very mad at her, for BATDOG never abandons his post. Although I’ll admit, I was mad at myself as well for falling asleep on the job. But there’s something about a warm fireplace and wearing a cape that’s just so soothing…

I decided not to be too hard on her considering it was Christmas morning. Before we could open presents Dad made me agree to take a Christmas picture with Oakley. So here we are – Santa Crusoe and Oakley Elf.

dachshund christmas photo

Although I don’t think Oakley would make a very good elf. He would destroy the toys faster than he could build them.

The first thing I did was check my stocking for the sexy babes I had asked for. And can you believe it? – Not one. What does a celebrity have to do just to get a couple hot chicks for Christmas? Oh well, I’ll hit the bar later and get a couple myself.

Cute Santa Dachshund Costume

As everyone took their turn opening their gifts, I was following the turn of events. I was quickly there to inspect and assist with the opening of every present, oftentimes getting ahead of the order and beginning to open people’s presents before they got to them. If you saw my birthday blog post then you’ll know how much I love ripping open presents.

Dachshund Opens Presents

Actually – quick side story. Before we flew to Toronto for the holidays, Mum and Dad were busy packing the suitcases in the bedroom with all the wrapped gifts.
When they left the room for a minute they heard the sheering of paper and came running back in. I had opened almost all of their nicely wrapped presents – none of which I discovered, were for me. But hey, it was a reasonable enough assumption.

They weren’t very happy about that, but heck, they’ll get over it.

Anyway, back to Christmas Day.

When I opened my first present I was disappointed when it didn’t squeak. But when I saw what it was, my disappointment was quick to dissipate.

Dachshund Dog uses GoPro Camera

This is my ‘too cool for you’ look.

If anyone knows what this is, you know I’m going to have a lot of fun with this. And for anyone who doesn’t, it’s a high quality, high-action sports video camera that’s usually attached to a helmet, surfboard, skis etc. This will be great for filming my intrepid expeditions, squirrel chases – and maybe even a few bedroom romps.

My next one was big, soft and squishy, but still not squeaky. After I ripped off the wrapping paper, I could tell it was a nice blanket, but just how ‘nice’ I didn’t know until Mum fanned it open and lifted it up for me to see.

Dachshund Woven Blanket

I stared up at the blanket, woven in my own image, perfectly capturing my glorious stature and handsome dominance. The picture it resembles is from my trip to the Bahamas. Thanks to my Aunt Dee for that. I’m sure it’s a warm blanket, but I think it will look ever better hung on my wall.

The next one was actually for my Mum, but we all know that anything given to her is essentially mine anyway. It was a nice watercolor painting of me with a flower, as done (lovingly) by my Dad.

Watercolor Dachshund Painting

My last gift consisted of some comparably modest treats and a couple squeaky toys. They were the least impressive of my gifts, but sometimes a good squeak is all I need to be happy. That, and lots of attention from my family!

funny dachshund expression

Plus it was great to hang out with my brother, Oakley. I think the best part of Oakley’s Christmas was spending time with me, so I’m happy I could give him that gift. The little guy really looks up to me.

Oakley also just got himself an orange dog tag to differentiate himself from my red one (he used to have red, too).

Cute Doxie

So that was my Christmas morning. And after all that morning’s excitement, what better way to relax than to take a nap with my bro by the fire.

Cute wiener dogs sleeping

But we couldn’t relax for too long. Shortly after, we drove all the way from Toronto to Quebec to go to my cottage – and to see Mum’s side of the family. Hopefully that means more gifts.

They have a lot of snow here, too. So that means I’ll probably be getting the first item that was on my Christmas list – snowballs!

How did all my fans enjoy their Christmas? Tell me about it in the comments or on Facebook!

Keep ballin’,

~ Crusoe

Keep ballin’,