A Toast to Our Two Great Nations (and My Dad)

There were a few birthdays I need to celebrate this week. July 1st was Canada Day, then July 3rd was my Dad’s birthday, and then July 4th was of course, well, the 4th of July..

Now as you know, I am a connoisseur of the finer things – including aged scotch and Cuban cigars. Normally, Mum doesn’t let me smoke in the house, but since it was Dad’s birthday (plus the other two holidays), they said I could this once.

coolest dachshund in the world

There’s nothing quite as manly as sitting on my Master Chair while enjoying a Monte Cristo and a Johnny Walker Gold Label.

So we’ll go in chronological order. The 1st of July was my country’s birthday – Canada Day. Living in the nation’s capital of Ottawa, I was in the perfect place to celebrate. On that day just about all of downtown is closed off for crowds of people, where there’s concerts and parties and fireworks !

Here’s me on Parliament Hill.


It was then that I noticed a lineup of tourists waiting to get their photo taken with a couple of Mounties.

Now before I show you this picture, please note that our police force is NOT made up of people in red jackets and flat, round hats. In fact, I only see them on holidays and at ceremonies (had to at least try to extinguish that stereotype a little ; )

Dachshund Canadian Mounties

While walking around that day, I also noticed a couple young street-singers. Since I was in such a good mood that day, I figured I would go sit beside them and use my celebrity presence to help boost the donations they received.

I think they mentioned that I helped to triple their daily average in less than half an hour.. something like that.

Dachshund on Street - Street dog

Then, July 3rd was my Dad’s birthday.

I will always have a special appreciation for him since it was Dad that helped to jumpstart my celebrity career. He’s the one who started taking my first pictures (before I hired a professional, 24/7 camera crew), and was the one who recommended I start blogging.

Here’s one of me as a puppy with my Dad : )

Cutest wiener dog puppies

So I knew I had to do something special for him for his birthday.

Dad really likes cookies, so I figured I would commission him a nice big cookie that said ‘Happy Birthday!’ on it. Now I guess I chose wrong by going to a pet shop to have it made for him, because I was expecting a human cookie, but as it turned out, it was a dog cookie !

Oh well.

Dachshund Happy Birthday Greeting Card

Dad said he was sure that I had done this on purpose, which I said was absolutely preposterous. I would never do such a thing.

And the last – but certainly not the least – birthday there was to celebrate was America’s 4th of July.

I’ve traveled a fair bit to the States, including both Maine and Florida. One thing I have to give the US credit for is how dog-friendly they are. In the US, I find that restaurants, attractions, and even airlines are overall very dog-friendly! More so than my own country, that is. That’s just my personal observation.

So here’s me with Teddy doing a little celebrating. The disturbing part is that I have a piece of another teddy bear in my mouth..

4th of July America US dachshund

It’s been a busy week with all these birthdays & holidays. Hope everyone enjoyed them as much as I did.

I do consider myself a citizen of the world though, so if you are from another country besides the US or Canada and have a holiday you think I should make a ‘shout-out’ to, don’t be shy to drop me a comment below or on Facebook!

Pretty soon we’ll have a worldwide Crusoe Day to celebrate – the perfect day to bring us all together.

Keep havin’ birthdays,

~ Crusoe

Keep ballin’,