Bruthas From Different Muthas

This weekend I met up with my brother Oakley at my chalet. As always, he was thrilled to see me. The little guy really looks up to me.

We had a pretty wet and rainy weekend though, which put a ‘damper’ on some of the intrepid exploring we had planned to do.

It wasn’t all bad though. The rain was a good calling to do some fishing, which is where we enjoyed a little man-to-man talk.

wiener dog fishing costumes

He told me he wants to grow up to be a celebrity just like me. In my infinite wisdom, I told him that the path to his own fame might be a little different than mine – even though he might ride my coattails for part of the way.

My road to fame came through my poster-boy good looks, athleticism, enviable physique, and Johnny Depp-like charm. I can’t exactly see this being the way for Oakley.

Dachshund Fishing with Fishing Costume

I told him his celebrity career would probably start as a comedian – since that’s what he’s good at. My words of wisdom really seemed to sink in during our bro-to-bro talk, that is until he saw something shiny and went bounding after it (actually, I think it was a fish). So anyway, I just left it at that.

But he’s a natural comedian.

For instance, this weekend he kept asking me to try on my BATDOG outfit. At first I said no, explaining there could only be one BATDOG and that he might tarnish BATDOG’s intimidating and powerful reputation. But in the end, I couldn’t resist those confused marble eyes of his.

Although, I believe I was right – as evidenced by an excellent point made my Deb Reed on my Facebook page who said, “on Oakley it is a costume…on you Crusoe…an OUTFIT…”

Oakley is just too goofy and cute to be the dark knight. He could make for a great Robin though – which I told him he should enter as in my SuperDog Photo Contest.

I even asked him to pose for a nice Halloween-themed photo while wearing this orange bow tie. Of course he obliged, always wanting to please me, but by the time the camera was turned on and focused, he was already falling asleep..

Cute Dachshund Sleeping

While I consider myself ‘manly sexy’, he’s definitely got the ‘puppy cute’ going for him.

Moving on. With it being so wet and mild outside this weekend, we had to find ways to entertain ourselves.

Sunday started with a lazy morning that involved watching some TV, or rather some BET to be exact. I found myself feeling just like Oakley – mesmerized by all the shiny bling.

I figured if they can show off their fame with jewels and swagger, why couldn’t I? So that’s what led us to this.

Gangster Puppy Wiener Dogs

We’re dachshund ‘bruthas from different muthas’ – figuratively and literally. For any of my new fans who don’t know Oakley’s whole story, we had different mothers but the same father (he got around). I am also a year older than Oakley.

I guess we both got a bit of our father’s ‘pimp’ in us.

dachshund bling gangster

So as you can see, it is always interesting having Oakley around. He just brings out the goofiness in both of us. I guess it’s because we’re brothers that we get along so well. We have our differences, but definitely our similarities too.

To finish off, here’s one clear difference – when confused, we both tilt our heads different ways.

Dachshund Head Tilt

Oakley does that a lot..

“So if you’sa brutha from a different mutha or a sista from a different mista, stick wit ’em!”

Keep ballin’,

~ Crusoe

Keep ballin’,