Crusoe: GoPro Superstar

Possibly the greatest moment yet in my celebrity career was what just happened today. I, Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund, was the subject of a GoPro web video on their YouTube channel – what could potentially become a television commercial if I’m lucky. (Video below).

If you haven’t heard of GoPro, it’s a small action HD video camera used for all kinds of extreme sports, as well as fishing videos of dachshunds as you’ll soon see! It’s what I use to film all my grand adventures!

Crusoe GoPro

I received it for Christmas a year ago, and I guess you could say I’ve gotten pretty good use of it. The quality that little camera can take is pretty amazing..

GoPro for Dogs

And then just a couple months ago, GoPro rings me up and says “hey Crusoe, what’s crackin’? We just wanted to know if you might like to be in one of our commercials?”

Well duh!

So Dad, Mum, family, and I went fishing for two whole weekends straight to get the shots we needed.

Cute Fishing Dog Hat

Any excuse to do some fishin’ is good enough for me. Lucky for us we got three of the biggest fish we got all season over the course of those two weekends – one of which was our biggest fish ever in the lake! Was it meant to be?

But anyway, without further ado, I give to you, GoPro: Dog Gone Fishing, featuring yours truly…

So anyway, I might just have to change my name to Crusoe the Superstar Dachshund before I know it. (I always got to stay one step ahead, right? 😉

Luckily, between all that GoPro footage Mum and Dad were also able to snap a few Vine videos of our fishing adventures. Check them out below!

Still waitin’ for that big one…

I watched every cast thrown, and became very impatient when they were slackin’ and didn’t have a lure in the water. Come on people, we got a movie to film here!

Finally! The biggest one of the season! I was so excited that I was literally trying to take a bit of that fish!

Glad we got that on GoPro!

Thanks fans, I couldn’t have done it without all your support in the first place.

Crusoe GoPro

Keep it GoPro,

~ Crusoe

P.S. Depending on how well this video does online will determine if it becomes a TV commercial, so please “like”, share, tweet, +1, and all the rest! …And the next time you see me it might just be on your TV! ; )

Keep ballin’,