1 Performance, 2 Setbacks, 3 Gifts, & 4 Announcements!

Well, Christmas has come and gone already! It seems like every year though there’s some sort of setback or hiccup. Last year we had an ice storm and lost power for 3 days, and this year Santa fell off the roof and then tried to get jiggy with Mum.

But backing up a bit, before Christmas arrived I had to warm up to the occasion with a little performance for the fans.

Introducing Crusoe, the little drummer dog.

Drummer Dog Costume

Oh wait, sorry I forgot my hat!

Drummer Boy Dachshund

That’s better.
OK, ready – and, march!

I have to say, I didn’t think I was that good of a drummer while filming this video, but after watching it for myself and hearing the amazing job I did, even I’m impressed with how well I played that drum.

Crusoe the Christmas Drummer Boy

And with over 25,000 shares on Facebook, pretty sure the fans were impressed too.

Then on Christmas eve, while minding my own business; just brushing up on some of the latest medical material online, I heard a big bang from outside.

So I rushed outside to see Santa had fallen off the roof. He could barely move, and the first thought that went through my head was, “oh no, how are all those little kids and doggies out there going to get their presents now?!

And so, because delivering presents is an incredibly time-sensitive issue, I made the very rare decision as Dr. Crusoe to completely disregard the patient and commandeer the present bag.

However, retrospectively that might not have been the best idea, because in the middle of the night while standing guard as BATDOG, guess who I caught slinking down our chimney and then trying to get all smoochy up with Mum?!

You guessed it – it was Santa! I’m thinking that was reprisal for me stealing his bag or something.

Santa Tied Up

Not cool Santa, not cool!

Yet, he DID still bring me presents, so I was forced to let him go. It’s safe to say my relationship with Santa is now on thin ice.

So finally, onto the presents!

Dachshund Christmas

If you didn’t already know, my favorite part of Christmas is opening presents!

So much so, that I will help open everyone else’s presents-

Dachshund Opening Christmas Presents

-even when the gift is something I totally don’t care for.

Crusoe Dachshund Inspection

(But I still make sure to give every gift a thorough inspection just to make sure it’s not something I might want…)

Heck, I even checked inside these rubber boots Mum got to make sure there were no hidden squeaky balls or something.

Nosy Dachshund

It seemed like FOREVER until a present came around that was ACTUALLY for me…

So as you can imagine I was very excited to see the “To Crusoe” label on this one!

Crusoe Opens Christmas Presents

And so, let’s just watch the video…

There was a nice bone in there too that I’ll keep for a rainy day.

Crusoe the Present Inspector

As you’ve seen, I made good work of all those gifts. You know how some stores offer gift wrapping services? Well, I’m thinking of starting a mobile unwrapping service!

Just hire me and I’ll come to your home to open all your gifts. It’s practical, entertaining, plus you get to say you had a celebrity dachshund in your home.

Cute Funny Dog Opening Gifts

The only catch is that I get to keep all the gifts I fancy.

So as you noticed, the only real gifts I got here were a stuffed squeaky toy and a bone. Don’t get me wrong – those were great, but I was still left thinking, ‘where the heck is all the rest?!’

Mum then told me about another gift for me that hadn’t arrived yet.

Introducing my very own ‘Cuddle Clone‘! Yes, a stuffed animal made in my own image!

Crusoe Cuddle Clone

How cute is that?!

(I would have preferred a solid gold statue, but this is still pretty cool!)

You can get 10% off your own with code CUDDLECRUSOE, but soon I’ll also be launching a little contest where the winner will receive a Cuddle Clone of their favorite furry friend!


Dad Becomes My Full-Time Manager

Dad has recently left his job to be able to help me more with my blogging and other celebrity endeavors! This alone is great news because it means he’ll be home all the time to play with me (Mum also works from home), plus we’ll have more time to go on vacations!

So it was only with relative surprise that the next announcement comes…

Europe Trip in May!

That’s right, my bow-tie almost flew off when Mum and Dad told me they’re taking me to Europe in May 2015!


I’ll be visiting France, Italy, and Switzerland! I’ll surely arrange something to see my European fans while I’m there! Mum and Dad have been to Italy before and said there’s plenty of dachshund chicks there – but also many wired hairs – so I’m excited but apprehensive!

Miami & Key Largo in April!

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, Miami here I come in April 2015! There’s NO DOUBT I’ll find some smokin’ hot chicks on South Beach. So some of my Florida fans may just get a sneak-peek-meet-up with me before my official book tour in the fall!

2015 WienerFest Ambassador in June!

I recently had the honor of accepting a request to be the official celebrity ambassador for the largest dachshund event in Canada – WienerFest of Embro, Ontario, happening June 20th.

And guess what?! My brother Oakley will be joining me as my accomplice as we judge contests and pose for photos with the fans!

So to sum that up, Europe in May, Miami in April, WienerFest in June, and of course my book tour in the Fall.

By now I’m so excited that a squeaky ball has quickly found its way to my mouth!

Dachshund Christmas Sweater

I think 2015 is going to be a great year!

And I hope yours is too!

Now I’m just waiting for my brother Oakley to get here so we can get into some needed mischief!

Keep revealin’,

~ Crusoe

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Keep ballin’,