2016: A Year in Review

Another year gone by already, which to me, felt more like 7 years. So much has happened with plenty of ups and downs; from intrepid new travels & adventures 🙂 to having back surgery 🙁

So let me recap all the most memorable moments for you in this post. At different points in this post I’ve linked off to videos or previous blog posts that you can click to read/watch in a new window without losing your spot here.

Starting early in the year, January 2016, I did some wabbit hunting, which is always a “blast”.

Crusoe the Dog Hunting Costume

Unfortunately I didn’t catch any this year. Maybe in 2017? Anyway, watch my hunting video here.

Then when February came along, I had my first date with my “sorta” girlfriend Paisley. I took her out for a romantic spaghetti dinner at a cute little restaurant.

dachshunds on a date valentines

And later that evening at home while watching a movie, we even shared our first kiss.

If this were another life, I’d probably be the type to not kiss and tell. But once you’re a celebrity, there’s not much you can hide from the world (plus I kinda like the tabloid attention).

cute dachshunds kissing

Soon after my date night in February (read the date night blog post here), I was summoned over to Chicago to team up with Kraft Heinz around their Superbowl commercial featuring the dachshunds in hot dog outfits.

I was to be their “spokeswiener” around the campaign!

I got to visit the Heinz HQ, make a couple media appearances, and take over the Heinz Twitter account. Plus, I got to explore a bit of Chicago while there!

“Is it just me, or does the Chicago Bean make me look humongous?”

Crusoe Dachshund at Chicago Bean

Back at home, I enjoyed our winter as best I could by destroying snowballs at every opportunity (one of my favorite things to do), as well as practicing my karate moves on snowdogs (watch that video here).

Crusoe Snowballs

And when it got too cold, I just said heck with this and hopped on a plane to Florida to enjoy a bit of my equally favorite activity of fishing!

Crusoe Loves Fishing

After a bit of time in the sunshine state, I headed back home just in time for Spring.

Perfect weather for a little ball hockey…! In fact, the below video became my most viral video to date with 55 million views on Facebook, and was picked up by news outlets all across the world.

I found it sort of… “appropriate” that my most popular video would be, as a Canadian pup; a hockey video.

It was also this video that pushes me over a major milestone for my Facebook page. I reached 1 million fans soon after its release (now going on 1.5 as I write this).

Soon after that, I embarked on a cross-Canada tour to meet fans and raise awareness for a cause I was supporting called No Bite is Right (preventing tick bites, which is unfortunately something I had experience with).

I visited a bunch of cities all across my country, met hundreds of my fans, and obliged the local media with a few interviews everywhere I went!

“How’s my makeup? Good? Good.”

Crusoe Dachshund Getting Makeup for Interview

Crusoe Dachshund Parents




*Phew! I was busy-busy!*

But the adventures weren’t over yet! I then headed to New York City to be one of the celebrity pups at Barkfest, hosted by my pals at Barkbox. It was there that I got to “play tourist” with the fellow celeb pet you may know; Tuna!

Crusoe and Tuna Dachshund in NYC

Then not long after that, it was time for the Woofstock event in Toronto, the largest outdoor dog event in North America.

Me and the famous Doug the Pug were the celebrity ambassadogs who got to walk the red carpet!

Doug the Pug and Crusoe Dachshund

Once Woofstock was finished, I was finally in a bit of a lull and now into mid-summer.

I was happy to relax and enjoy some days out by the pool with my brother.

Crusoe and Oakley

But when you’re a celebrity, things can pop up anytime.

While out by the pool I got a call asking me to come host a special red carpet event (grass carpet for dogs) for the new movie, A Secret Life of Pets.

So, back to Chicago I went.

Here’s Dad adjusting my bow-tie in the limo, getting ready to make my grand entrance.

Crusoe Getting Ready

Once I’m finished with a celebrity appearance, it seems Mum and Dad always need my help with something though.

In July, I helped them sell the house so we could move to our new house in the country.

Crusoe the Realtor

I’ve since dropped that phone number though, so if I were you I probably wouldn’t try ringing it…

Luckily, my brother Oakley was around to help us move in to the new place.

“Hmm, I think something went wrong here…”


And just as we were starting to get settled into our new house, just as I was getting back into the groove of being a country dog, I encountered the greatest challenge yet in my life.

Intervertebral disc disease affects about 25% of dachshunds, and I’m in that 25%. I’d battled some minor episodes over the past few years, but after my biggest episode yet where my back legs began to go wobbly, I had to go for emergency surgery…

Crusoe Dachshund Goes for Surgery

It was the scariest experience of my life, and it would be an understatement to say that it was pretty hard for Mum and Dad too…

Luckily, the surgery went well, and after a couple days overnight at the vet, my two best friends in the world were waiting to greet me at home and give me comfort. That’s my brother Oakley as you know, and best friend & mother-figure, Laffie.

crusoe oakley laffie

It was about to be a long road to recovery though, with rehabilitation sessions 3-4 times a week for over a month, not to mention the embarrassment of looking like Borat in his green mankini as I learned how to walk again…

crusoe like borat

You can read all my blog posts following the progress of my surgery and recovery here. I’ve also put together a IVDD Info page on my site to assist anyone going through similar times…

But just as my rehabilitation begun, life threw me one more curve ball. Laffie, seen above, who’s been my best friend and mother figure since the day I stepped in the door as a puppy, passed away at the age of 15.

crusoe puppy with laffie

You can read my farewell letter to her here


Life can be rough sometimes, huh?

But losing Laffie only strengthened my resolve to get better from my surgery. And I did. Two months later, I had earned my gold medal from my rehabilitation specialist vet.


And although I still wouldn’t be hunting wabbits for a little while yet, my team of vets gave me the OK to go on my first vacation since surgery. A much needed vacation, I might add.

I headed out west to Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada, for some absolutely stunning scenery, beautiful forest walks, and even a day at the spa…

Crusoe Lake Louise

Two Jack Lake Banff

Dog Massage Spa

It was a beautiful and relaxing time away that I really needed with Mum and Dad. Read all about my trip to Banff here.

Now we’re into October, and Dad has just finished building me the yard he promised he would when I went for my surgery (since our new house didn’t come with a yard), which was finished right on my birthday! I turned 7 this year.


Anyone could tell I was so happy to have it, for as soon as Mum and Dad put me down on the freshly laid sod for the first time, I sprinted, zipping around the trees and whooshing past Mum and Dad’s legs.

For my birthday, I also decided to “give back” a little after being the recipient of so much love from my fans who sent me get-well cards, toys, and treats to aid me during my recovery. So I took a visit to my local SCPA and donated a wagon-full of treats and toys, which you can watch here.

My back was recovered, my legs were back to as they were, and life was looking bright again.

Then came November, and I was headed back to warm Florida to escape the impending cold. It was here that I did a book signing in Tampa Bay, which was my biggest event yet with over 700 people!

Crusoe Book Signing Event

I also made sure to take full advantage of that hot weather while I was there, because I knew as soon as I got back home, I’d be dead-smack in the midst of winter.

I prefer this type of snow – unless it’s packed into ball form, of course.

Crusoe the Wiener Dog Buried in Sand at Beach

And while down south, I even headed over to New Orleans for a week, which was amazing!

I might have been a tad late/early for Mardi Gras though…

Crusoe Dachshund on Bourbon Street

Read about my recent Florida & New Orleans trip here.

And now we’re in December, and I’m at my chalet spending the holidays with my brother Oakley and the family.

Crusoe Dachshund and Oakley

We’ve been having a lot of fun together. We like to enjoy mischief together, nice walks in the snow, and when it’s too cold for walking; a little skate-sled ride while all bundled up!

As someone on Facebook said, “now this is dog sledding!

We even decided to deliver this year’s presents as Santa!


Watch the video here.

We had a nice Christmas morning here with the whole family. Mum and Dad both gave me some gifts, but in regards to what I gave them, it’s pretty clear I’m already the best gift they could ask for.

Puppy Dachshund Wrapped in Wrapping Paper

So, 2016 has been nothing short of exciting and challenging at the same time. But it’s the challenges that make you appreciate the good times all the more, and that’s something I will not forget as we move into 2017.

This New Year, I hope for good health, many adventures, and that I may continue to do my job of spreading just a little more joy and laughter in the world.

Thank you to all my fans who’ve been by my side this year through the fun times and the hard times. At the end of the day, none of this would be possible without you.

So to that, Oakley and I raise our glasses…

Crusoe and Oakley New Years Dogs

“Oakley, you better pace yourself with that…”

But I should of known he’d be chewing on his glass by the end of the night…

Oakley Chewing on His Champagne Glass

Happy New Year!

~ Crusoe

What was your favorite “Crusoe Moment” of 2016??

Keep ballin’,