Crusoe's Best of 2012

With all the excitement happening around the holidays, I didn’t even have time to do a ‘Best of 2012’ blog post. So, here it is! Let’s take a look back over the past year to some of my more memorable moments from the blog and Facebook! Please also see the very end of this post where I have a special favor to ask of my fans : )

I always like to start any New Year with some time for reflection and relaxation. That’s why shortly into 2012 I had a professional and personal masseuse visit my home for a nice ‘spa day’ as detailed in my blog post, A Dachshund Spa Treatment.

wiener dog spa facial

Nothing beats a yogurt facial in terms of both your pores and your taste buds! : )

I may be a pampered pooch but that doesn’t mean I don’t get down and dirty. On the contrary, I am an intrepid expedition leader who is an expert in all matters of hunting, fishing and tracking. I covered this in my post, Explorer Training.

dachshund swimming after ducks

You probably know how much I love fishing – so much so that I just had to buy myself a dedicated fishing outfit which was showcased for the first time in my post, Dachshund Gone Fishin’.

Cute dachshund fishing costume

Despite what you may think, I don’t uphold this stunning physique just for the ‘look’ or the ‘ladies’ (OK, it’s mainly for the chicks), but it’s also to keep me on my toes when I’m on the hunt, or, when the occasion arises – a fight!

That’s right, last year I spent some time in the joint (Doggy Daycare) where I got in a little showdown with a husky. Luckily I had ‘Scrapper’ here to back me up. He was my right-hand dog within my clique.

tough dog

I ended up with a small scar on my nose from that ordeal (different than my anchor birthmark), but I just look at it as a reminder of what it’s like ‘inside’.

But hey, I’ve had plenty good times to make up for that, such as my awesome kayaking trip with my brother Oakley! You can read about that in my post, A (Long) Dog Weekend Kayak.

dachshund kayaing

That was a great little trip, and if you’ve read it you’ll know that Oakley stayed wet most of the time ; )

And let’s not forget the biggest event of all of 2012 – when BATDOG made his debut on Facebook!


To this day he remains the one animal capable of protecting cities around the world from cats and dubious wired hairs. Yet, BATDOG now has two SuperDog sidekicks (as determined by my SuperDog Contest), one of which is a wired hair – and who both now serve loyally by his side to assist him on his days off to the beach and bars.

2012 also entailed quite a bit of traveling for me. I visited such places as Florida, Maine, and the Bahamas! Due to my many travels, I wrote a post called Jet-Settin’ Dachshund which talks not about my travels – but how I travel!

Funny Dachshund

Let’s just say I don’t travel as luxurious as I’d like. What the heck kind of celebrity has to wait for their own bags?! Geez..

Anyway, where I go on vacation does make up for it!

Be sure to check out my 3-part series to my Vacation to Maine, where I learn the art of lobster fishing and explore some really beautiful places.

dachshund trip to maine

This is also where I discovered how comfortable it is under the sand! It’s actually nice and cool, and a good relief from the sun.

dachshund buried in beach

Then there’s also my 3-part series to my Bahamas Vacation, where I (almost) meet the girl of my dreams and do some serious babe-watching with my Ray-Bans.

Dachshund Wearing Sunglasses

Now how could I visit the Bahamas and not do some diving?

Well, I tried, but as it turned out this suit Mum bought me was a total fake.

Cute Dachshund Picture

You have to admit though, it does look good on me ; )

The Bahamas was a perfect celebrity getaway for me, and only fuels my love for hot and tropical places!

Wiener Dog Vacation

I also visit Florida a couple times a year as well.

Now what would a dog’s life be without a little mischief and fool-around fun? Well, this past year Dad made me an awesome set of stilts!

Dachshund on Stilts

These are great for everything from reaching the cookie jar to pretending to be a big dog.

Oh, and then Dad also thought it funny to take a picture of me doing my ‘business’.

potty trained dachshund toilet

It’s not very flattering, I know, but if the fans like it then so do I. Such is the life of a celebrity..

And I can’t think of a better way to wrap up 2012 than the win of the 2012 Wiener Dog Race in Montreal, where I also sported my ‘Two Monkeys Carrying a Box of Bananas’ costume!

2 Monkeys Carrying Box of Bananas

Now I am nowhere near close to covering all my antics and adventures from last year, but I hope this proves to be somewhat of a good summary! What were some your favorite moments? Or were there any that I missed? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks to all my fans, new and longstanding who’ve been reading along. As always, much more to come. Lots of people have been recommending I write a book of some sort, so I’ll see what I can do in that regard : )

Actually, I was hoping I now might be able to ask all of you for a little favor? I would love if you could nominate my blog for the 2013 Bloggie Awards, for the category of Best Pet or Animal Blog.

You can do so here: but keep in mind they require you submit 2 other nominees as well, so hopefully you have a couple other blogs in mind that you also like.

Thanks in advance!

Keep readin’,

~ Crusoe

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