Cooking with Crusoe - Pizza!

On today’s episode of Cooking with Crusoe, I’ll be making pizza! If you would like to follow this recipe but don’t have time to read the full post, just scroll to the bottom for my 6-second Vine video recap. Actually, forget that – just read the whole thing.

This past weekend when I was thinking about what to make, I found myself in a bit of a pickle (pun not intended this time). I knew I wanted to make something yummy, but being used to eating the same damn kibbles everyday, my imagination for culinary creations is somewhat bland.

So I do what I always do when I need to do some critical thinking – and that’s put on my thinking glasses.

Crusoe Chef Costume & Thinking Glasses

It was then that I had the brilliant idea to sift through Mum’s cooking magazines, where low and behold the first one I found was all about cheese. Talk about fate..

After looking through it I decided pizza contains the most amount of things I like. So here we go…

Step 1: go buy some dough

You’re probably disappointed in reading a recipe blog post and finding out the first step is to go buy something store-bought like this. But who really cares about the dough anyway? Just consider this the plate for all the delicious cheese and pepperoni that will be going on here.

Once you have your dough ready to go, you’ll want to spread around that white stuff again on your board or counter. I’ll admit, I don’t know what it’s for.

Doxie Paws in Flour

Step: pretend you’re Italian

I find you get the best results in life by pretending to be something you’re not – whether that’s a chef, a scuba diver, or a celebrity. Since Italians invented pizza, I figured that thinking – and looking like one might make me a better pizza chef. They do still all have curly mustaches, right?

I tried growing a mustache over the weekend for this post but that didn’t work. Plus, I didn’t want to end up looking like a wired-hair (sensitive issue).

So I just held this fake mustache in my mouth.

Crusoe with his Mustache

Step 3: add some paw

The next step is to work-in the dough. But that’s not our only objective here. Really working your (or your dog’s) paws into the dough will transfer some of that salty Frito flavor.

Doggy Pizza

Step 5: roll it

Now you want to take that big round stick and (don’t chew it) use it to flatten out the dough a bit. If you really have an overwhelming temptation, just chew the handles.

Doxie Rolling Pin!

Step 6: do like the Harlem Globetrotters

Now this step might be a bit tricky for some of you. Just imagine how talented I must be to do this with my short little paws. Anyway, now you’ll want to toss it up in the air, spinning it like a basketball.

Crusoe throwing Pizza!

Do this a few times until its a the width you want. Be careful not to have it land on your head – unless you like hair in your pizza, or fancy it as a hat.

Step 6: add all the good stuff!

Spread around that red glop everywhere onto the dough. Then add a healthy layering of cheese. Again, if you feel the temptation there’s nothing wrong with bending over and taking a quick nibble when no one’s watching.

Doxie Pizza !

Then add pepperoni, bacon, more cheese, even more cheese and whatever else you want. Oh – and I also like to add a little sprinkle of kibbles (because I’m trying to eat healthy, too).

This is what your pizza should look like before it’s cooked. Toppings may vary.

Kibble Pizza

Step 7: cook it up, baby

The last step is to throw the pizza in the oven and wait for about 2 hours. Well, that’s how long it seemed like anyway. Again, my cooking posts are not about measurements and all the specifics of cooking – but rather the fun of cooking.

When it’s done, make sure to pose for a good picture with your creation.

Doxie Pizza Chef

Can’t wait to try a piece of it! I’m sure Mum and Dad will love it too!

Vine video recap:

And finally, here is the Vine video recap of making a pizza with Chef Crusoe:

Hope you enjoying this week’s Cooking with Crusoe post. I’ll have to do some more critical thinking on what to make next. Or, you could provide some suggestions in the comments.

So what’s next with your favorite celebrity? Well, in just a week and half I will be at 31,000 feet in the air on my way to sunny Florida for a vacation.

Keep cookin’,

~ Crusoe

Keep ballin’,