Dad's Birthday Gifts & Canada Day

Dad’s birthday was this week, and since he’s such an awesome dad I wanted to get him something extra special – something totally selfless that I know he’ll appreciate.

Well, I got him a few things, so allow me to now advertise how generous of a gift giver I am…

A New Camera… So He Can Take Better Pictures of Me

My first gift to him was a brand new camera, because I’ve been finding lately that his pictures of me just aren’t as good as they could be – what with all the new technology out there and all.

So I got him a new Canon EOS 70D, which is not only great for photos, but also does amazing video.

Crusoe gets the Canon EOS 70D

I was eager to open it for him as you can see!

A Beautiful, One-of-a-kind Portrait of Myself!

Probably one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever given Dad is this beautiful portrait of myself as painted by the amazing Kelly of (if you’ve been a fan long enough, you may remember she offered the prize painting for one of my previous photo contests).

I may be a bit biased, but this is nothing short of a masterpiece.

Dachshund Modern Art Painting

And I know how much I – er, Dad, will love having this as a centerpiece up on the wall of our living room as a symbol to my fame and iconic career as a celebrity dachshund!

Modern Art Dog Painting

I’m sure one day this painting will be featured in the Louvre next to the Mona Lisa.

A Gift From the U.S. Navy

The next item was also something very special, which would be great to hang on a wall or show off in a plaque. But I have to admit, this was sort of a re-gift from a fan of mine – an awesome fan named Jeff.

Jeff has certain connections in the U.S. Navy, and sent me this blue folder with the official Navy seal on the front. So here I am taking a brief moment to imagine just what might be inside!

Captain Dachshund Outfit

And I was pleasantly surprised indeed!

Below is my official promotion and certification to the rank of ‘Fleet Admiral’ of the United States Navy, second only to the Secretary of the Navy!

Included were also the official epaulettes – or as we sea salts call them, ‘shoulder boards‘!

Fleet Admiral US Navy

A rare and incredible achievement for a wiener dog, I might say! Heck, what dog can say they’ve commanded the entire US Navy before?

So I didn’t exactly “give” it to Dad – I more so gave it to him with the condition he hang it up somewhere prominent so all guests to our home would see.

I suggested the outside of the front door but he thought that might be a bit much.

But anyway, the next time I’m out at sea you can be assured I’ll be sporting these new shoulder boards that signify my new rank! And if you thought my ego as ‘Captain’ was big… well… you ain’t seen nothing.

A big thanks to Jeff and his little guy Max for helping me achieve this new promotion.

Now how about a few photos with the new camera?

beautiful dachshund

Dachshund Photo

Or these ones from my recent celebrity appearance on Parliament Hill for Canada Day!

Wiener Dog Mountie Uniform

I don’t know why, (well actually I do), but the chicks were totally into my butt that day, always trying to cop a feel.

I guess they just couldn’t resist seeing for themselves what a chiseled and muscular pair of buns feels like.

Cute Doggy Butt

I’m generally not a huge fans of having kids’ sticky fingers all over me, but hey – as long as they aren’t touching my hat then I don’t really care!

Meanwhile this kid had donut and chocolate milk residue all over his face…

Dachshund and Children

Plus he was just stinky in general.

That got my sniffer going – “mmm… donuts!

Again, this girl’s hand was getting awfully close…


And my appearance definitely did not go unnoticed.

I was greeted by fans and fascinated spectators alike, clambering from every angle for a chance at an up-close view of yours truly.

Good thing my “best side” is every side.

Canada Day Dog 2014

I wasn’t surprised to later find out that some people were using this opportunity to take close-ups of my butt!

Some people huh?… Can’t respect a celebrity’s space!

Hope you enjoyed my gifts to Dad and my Canada Day appearance, including my remarkable new promotion to Fleet Admiral of the US Navy! Dad’s new camera will come in handy for our mini-vacation in just over a week!

Keep givin’,

~ Crusoe

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Keep ballin’,