Book Tour Part 1: Birthday in New York

We’re now about midway through our book tour, and it’s been so busy I’ve barely had a chance to sit down and write! But finally I have, so now it’s time to cover the first part of our tour; New York City!

I’ve been posting my day-to-day adventures on social media so you probably have a good idea as to what I’ve been up to, but there’s more to the story that I just haven’t had a chance to share yet.

It was a short flight that took me from my hometown to New York City. I’m a very good traveler as you should know by now, but let me tell you, it’s always a panic on the titanic when Mum steps away to the restroom.

Traveling with a Small Dog

I’ve been to NYC once before when I first signed my book deal, but it was nice to be back.

I’ve never felt so much like a celebrity than when our hotel, the Residence Inn of Central Park, offered us their best suite. This wasn’t just a nice room with a nice view. This was the corner suite on the top floor (65th), of the tallest hotel in all of North America – boasting a stunning view of Central Park.

Crusoe Central Park View

I think this gives new definition to my catch phrase; keep ballin’.

And from up here, Central Park doesn’t even look that big! In fact, I’ll race you from one end to the other.

Central Park Residence Inn

But even more so than that, the hotel manager, a lovely Ms. Anca, gave us an exclusive look at the rooftop, not generally open to guests.

Crusoe Rooftop View Central Park


They also showed me a cute little beehive project they have on the rooftop.

Beehives on the Rooftop of Residence Inn Central Park

I asked if I could sample their honey from the hive, but they said that bees don’t usually like guests in their hives – even celebrities, so I told them to just ship me a jar instead.

It was an early bedtime that night, because the next morning we were up bright and early to head over to Good Morning America!

As you probably know, this day was also my birthday, so here I am hanging out backstage with my birthday-boy-bowtie.

A Beautiful Dachshund

Then before I knew it, I was on stage next to Dad for our interview.

I’m not sure why they asked him all the questions though – I’m the celebrity here, not Dad.

Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund on Good Morning America

This is Dad showing his wiener to the world, and mine too for that matter. Witness the legend.

If you didn’t see it already, you can watch the interview here.

Anyway, I wasn’t too happy that they pretty much ignored me during the interview, but I was impressed when they brought out a nice big birthday cake for me.

Crusoe the Dachshund on Good Morning America

It was a kind gesture, but unfortunately I didn’t eat it because I’m watching my figure. Heck, the cake is bigger than me!

We were only to spend one day in New York, which was also to be our busiest day of the tour, admittedly. So after Good Morning America, we went to a place I’ve wanted to visit for quite a while – the Barkbox HQ!

Crusoe the Dachshund at BarkBox HQ

What a cool place! And tons of dogs working there. (Always nice to see such an equal-opportunity workplace).

Anyway, we did a little video shoot together to help promote my book. The idea was to have a line of crazy fan girls waiting to get their book signed by me. And well, as it would probably happen in real life, the ladies just can’t contain themselves around me.

I was okay with the indecency, but for the sake of younger viewers she had to leave the line.

But before my assistants (Mum and Dad) could pull me away to the next appointment, I was asked to fill in for a little bit for a Barkbox employee who had gone off to take a “doggy nap” in the back.

Being an expert in most things – if not all things, and with 15 minutes to kill, I obliged.

Crusoe at Barkbox HQ

It was pretty easy, just some simple Javascript coding that needed tweaking. But as I am an exceptionally hard-worker, I have low tolerance for employees on their cell phones…

Anyway, I told them I’d send them an invoice later for my time. My time is incredibly valuable; I could have squeaked my ducky at least a hundred times in that 15 minute period, so it’s unfortunately going to cost them an arm paw and a leg.

From there we were headed for yet another interview with US Weekly.

Crusoe Interview US Weekly

We chatted a bit on various subjects, but mainly on fashion and a “who wore it best” sort of game.

It was nice to see that my fashion sense was finally being recognized. Dad never seems to accept my wardrobe recommendations (especially when I suggest fashionable speedos, muscle shirts, and birthday suits, which I for one sport so well).

The Most Handsome Dachshund

So far, this day has never made me feel more like a true celebrity.

Then it was off to Entertainment Weekly and New York Mag for even more interviews before I headed back to the hotel for a couple hours’ rest before my first-ever book signing that night.

I arrived fashionably late by 5 minutes due to my chauffeur who almost didn’t want to take a “dog” in his car. I said, “excuse me, do you have any clue who I am? Well let me tell you, if I don’t get to my book signing soon, there’s going to be about a hundred people who will want to have more than a little a word with you. So I suggest you turn on my seat warmer and put the metal to the floor!”

As my first book signing experience ever, it was quite a blast. I couldn’t believe the lineup of people we had there, all so eager to meet me, pet me, take a picture with me, and of course, get their Crusoe Book pawtographed!

Crusoe's Book Signing in NYC

And it’s so astounding to see people from all different walks of life here. There were long-time fans who had literally been waiting years to meet me, new fans, business people who were getting books signed for their mothers, boyfriends who were getting surprise gifts for their girlfriends, boyfriends who were “pretending” to get books for their girlfriends, kids who were overjoyed to meet the dog behind the videos, and even the NYPD who loved my police videos!

Crusoe Dachshund Book Signing NYC

And many more happy fans!

Crusoe Book Signing

And of course, the ladies always want kisses 😉

Ladies Want Kisses

There was even a nice couple who had been waiting for us at the bookstore since noon that day. They flew in from Puerto Rico in the morning and were flying out that night – just to meet me. There are really no words to describe how special that made me feel…

I slept well that night, but the next day we were off to our next destination. But being a celebrity now, I figured I could fly my own jet.

Because heck, if Richard Branson can randomly decide to start a successful airline, why can’t I?

Crusoe the Pilot NYC

I seemed to draw a lot of attention walking through the airport to my gate. I guess people have never seen a pilot wiener before…

“This is your captain speaking. Welcome aboard Wiener Airlines – where your wiener is our priority – with direct service to Los Angeles as the next stop on the Crusoe Tour. We should have a smooth flight with just a little bit of turbulence as I practice my barrel rolls. But don’t worry, I’ll turn on the fasten-seatbelt sign first.”

Then before I knew it, I was in sunny California where the weather is hot and the girls are pretty.

Crusoe Santa Monica Beach

I think I’m going to fit in just fine 😉

Stay tuned for Part 2 on my #LAStory!


~ Crusoe

P.S. Many of you who requested pawtographed bookplates for your book have been asking as to the status of those. They were put in the mail around October 29th, so should take up to two weeks or so to arrive via lettermail.

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Keep ballin’,