An Unconventional Birthday for Lucky #7

Today is my birthday, which I imagine must be an internationally celebrated holiday by this point.

And although most people would say I don’t look a day over 3 (including myself), I am in fact turning 7 year’s old. I probably would have fallen into a catastrophic midlife crisis if 7 hadn’t been my favorite number.

So I’ll save the midlife crisis for when I turn 8.

For such a special number, I was really expecting something out-of-this-world from Mum and Dad. I mean, I’ve already received birthday cakes in my own image, parties with my doxie friends, and even a Good Morning America interview for my past birthdays…

Crusoe Dachshund Birthdays

So I was curious to see how they would top all that.

This morning, Mum and Dad informed me we would be going on a little drive. And as we pulled out of the driveway, I couldn’t help but notice a huge box full of toys in the back that were leftover from when my fans so amazingly sent me get-well cards and gifts.

So on the drive to where we were going, they explained what we were going to do. I was wholeheartedly against the idea at first, but in the end you could say my compassion outweighed my obsession. You’ll see what I mean in a second.

We pulled up at the Ottawa Humane Society, and Dad rolled me up to the doors in a bright red wagon full to the brim of toys and treats.

Dachshund Ottawa Humane Society

We were there to donate these goodies to all the pups waiting here to find a home.

So instead of “getting” on my birthday, I would be “giving”. Because hey, I am a renowned philanthropist after all.

Crusoe the Celebrity Visits Humane Society

So we arranged to greet a couple dogs there to give them a few toys! There were more pups there at the time as well, but it wasn’t safe for us to personally meet them all.

Here’s how it went:

I remember how amazing and happy I felt when I received all the get-well cards and gifts from my fans, but now I know how heartwarming it feels to be the “giver” of that joy. These goodies will go a long way here, and will be used for the dogs’ “enrichment” as they call it; to make their experience here more enjoyable until they find a home.

And so, my wagon was empty.

Crusoe Celebrity Dachshund Donates to Ottawa Humane Society

I’d be lying if I said that – seeing that it’s my birthday – I wish I had a little toy myself.

Mum and Dad anticipated this though and rewarded my admirable philanthropic efforts with a new squeaky ball for the car ride home.

Happy Birthday Crusoe

So that was an unconventional yet strangely satisfying start to my birthday!

But Mum and Dad did have a special gift in store for me. You may remember when I first went for surgery, how Dad promised he would build me a big yard to run and play in for when I’d be better.

Because, this is all we had before:

Crusoe's Yard

In other words, not much of a yard if you ask me.

Well, in perfect timing for my birthday and after a lot of hard labor from Mum and Dad, the yard was just finished yesterday!


I am so happy. When Mum and Dad put me down on the grass for the first time, I was zooming around, this way and that, zipping between and around the trees and back to Mum and Dad. It was clear that I loved it.

This wasn’t really a surprise though, as I had been watching them working on it, and in fact, overseeing most of the construction.

Crusoe Construction Worker

I want a swimming pool over there with a giant water slide, a sandbox over here, a squirrel feeder over there, a tree house…” And my list trailed on.

They didn’t seem to pay attention to most of my demands, but I figured just getting a yard with some nice grass would be good enough for this year.

And although Mum and Dad are claiming they did most of the work, I think it’s pretty clear that I helped a lot too.

Crusoe Digging in the Yard

But all that hard work paid off, because now I’m one happy pup on my birthday!

So if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to spend the rest of today relaxing and enjoying my new grassy playground.

Crusoe Dachshund Birthday


Keep givin’,

~ Crusoe

Keep ballin’,