Today I Turned 3 Years Old

Today I turned 3 years old. If you were to ask me if I feel older, I would say no. I may not have as much hair on my chest as when I was a puppy, but I see it as becoming more ‘distinguished’ – (opposite, but same idea to that of a man getting hair on his chest). I’m still just as energetic and full of life as ever though!

Mum and Dad were excited for me to get up this morning, but as usual for a weekend, I took my time sleeping in. At about 10:30am they hear me yawn from upstairs, where I then shuffle lazily to the top of the stairs. I sit there and observe what’s happening below, waiting for someone to come give me some good morning kisses and carry me down.

It was a busy birthday, but luckily it started with the good stuff – presents and cake.

Cute Dachshund on Birthday Presents and Cake

This year Mum made me a doggy-edible blueberry and banana pupcake. It was delicious (and healthy)!

They wanted me to blow out the candle in the typical human birthday tradition. I wasn’t into that though. There’s something supernatural about fire that I don’t trust. I didn’t want anything to do with it.

Wiener Dog Blowing Out Birthday Candle

So I had Mum and Dad blow it out for me. They asked me to make a wish first, so I did. I can’t tell you what it is or else it supposedly won’t come true (but let’s just say it squeaks..) Actually now that I think of it, it did come true!

I dug into the cake, but only ate half of it (gotta watch my figure).

Wiener Dog Eating Cake

I like cake, but I like presents more – because that usually means toys! Unlike most dogs, I’ll take a toy over a treat any day.

Now, to say I wasn’t disappointed to see only one present would be a lie. I was kind of hoping for that Ferrari I keep asking for. BATDOG could also use a new batmobile, and I can never have enough fashionable outfits and toys. Anyway, Mum and Dad reminded me that my main birthday present this year is my upcoming trip to the Bahamas in November. I say if I don’t receive the gift on my birthday, then it’s not a birthday present – it’s just charity. They disagree, but we agree to disagree.

I think my nose is even more sensitive to toys than treats, because I was sniffing all over that box. It wasn’t a Ferrari, but I knew there was something good inside.

Wiener Dog inspector

I’m quite patient though, which again is a result of my growing maturity, and one of my many, many virtues.

I won’t open the present until Dad gives me the “OK”. But once he did, oh boy, I was all over it. Just see for yourself…

Just after this video finished, I noticed that Mum and Dad forgot to take the tags off my new toy, so I ripped them off and then continued squeaking. Actually, I’ve barely stopped squeaking since then.

cute wiener dogs

And you know something? Now that I see how much I enjoyed that toy all throughout today, I realize that was all I needed. A great Mum and Dad, a brand new squeaky toy, and lots and lots of attention made for a perfect day. That and a little worldwide fame is all a dog like me needs.. Oh – and some babes! Can’t do without babes..

But I left one part out! Today I also went to an awesome Halloweener party. I sported my new costume there, which I’ll be showcasing to everyone tomorrow on Facebook. It won for the category of ‘Most Original’!

Speaking of costumes, don’t forget that this Wednesday (Halloween) is the last day to enter your dog into my SuperDog Photo Contest! Don’t miss this great opportunity to become BATDOG’s sidekick and get a share of his fame (or rather notoriety).

So that was my birthday. Simple, but great.

Keep ballin’,

~ Crusoe

Keep ballin’,