Crusoe's Best of 2014

Now that I’ve slept in and fully recovered from the crazy night that was New Year’s Eve, it’s time to write up a recap of my best moments from 2014! It’s been an incredible year, and so much has happened, but I have a feeling even bigger and better things are to come in 2015.

But first, as you can see Oakley and I had a lot of fun last night!

New Years Dachshunds

In fact, I don’t remember much from that point forward.

But I DO remember my favorite parts of 2014, so here we go…

I Mastered the Art of Slow-Cooking

Cooking with Crusoe Dachshund

This was when I made slow-cooked lamb and prunes.

Where in the process, I also gave you a good tip for chopping onions ; )

Goggles Cutting Onions

Which is to wear snorkel goggles!

Read my version of the recipe here.

I Showed You How to Properly Woo a Woman

For Valentine’s Day, I gave you a 10-step guide to wooing a woman. Surely this will become textbook material one day.

Here’s a couple examples:

Dachshund out of shower


Read the full 10 steps here, and become an automatic womanizer in minutes!

I Went Skiing for the First Time

This was a pretty exhilarating experience. Dad constructed this makeshift ski-bobsled thingy for me and took me skiing down a mountain!


Let’s see me in action though:

Read more about the dog gone skiing here.

But as you’ll notice, I was strapped from head to toe with GoPro cameras for that – and I’ve still yet to produce the full video, so that’s something to look forward to in 2015!

I Went Sailing in the Bahamas!

So it’s official – I’m a sailor. 2014 was the year Mum and Dad took me on my first ever sailing charter through the Bahamas; a whole week on our own private yacht with a new adventure everyday!

Crusoe Sailing in Bahamas

Read more about my first sailing experience here.

Made Some New Friends at Pig Beach

While sailing the gorgeous waters of the Bahamas, I also took a quick stop at the famous Pig Beach to meet the family of feral pigs living there!

Pig Beach Bahamas

I didn’t like them at first, but I soon warmed up to them and befriended the lot.

Read more about the pigs here.

Dug up Buried Treasure

It wasn’t just me who did the sailing in Bahamas. The infamous pirate – Long Body Crusoe – also took over for a bit to go find his treasure.

Pirate Dog Costume

Watch him do his thing (which is dig):

Find out what was in the chest here!

#SHARKWIENER Scared the Heck Out of People

Another one of my favorite moments was when I got to be #SHARKWIENER at the beach and go around scaring the bejeebers out of unsuspecting beachgoers.

That was a hoot! And soon thereafter, I came out with my first ever Crusoe mug, with #SHARKWIENER on the side!


Read more about the deadly attacks of #SHARKWIENER here, or scare yourself at home with your own mug!

My First Feature-Length Video!

OK – perhaps not ‘feature-length’, but this video I made of my entire Bahamas vacation was definitely my longest one yet at almost 12 minutes, (since the fans keep bugging me for longer and longer videos!).

Watch it on YouTube here.

Plenty of Time With My Brother!

My brother Oakley and I had some great (mis)adventures this year.

Here we are playing a little mind-trick on you!

Long Dog Wiener Dog

Hint: no Photoshop here!

We also spent a lot of time out on the boat in our swim trunks, obviously looking for chicks.

Cute Dog Bums

Read more about our exciting times together here.

Captain Crusoe was Promoted to Admiral

A fan of mine who works for the US Navy pulled some strings and helped get Captain Crusoe promoted to Admiral of the US Navy! So I was sent an official certificate and even the official shoulder boards!

Here I am donning them for one of the first times!

Fleet Admiral Dachshund

Quite impressive for just a little wiener dog, huh?

Read how I got promoted here.

The Fire Drill Bros!


One of my biggest claims to fame in 2014 (and pretty much ever) was the fire drill video I made with my brother Oakley (the firetruck). It’s my most viral piece of content yet.

Which was quickly followed by an outtake, a part 2, an outtake of the part 2, and then a t-shirt.

Heck, just watch the quick compilation here.

Read more about our fire drill practices here.

BATDOG & Robin

Of course, any ‘Best of’ blog post has to include BATDOG & Robin, and 2014 was no exception.

Here we are alert and ready on duty…


And hey, if we can work on our tan during that time, I see no harm in that.

But don’t get the wrong idea – we still work hard! Here we are running down the thief who tried to steal Mum’s purse!

Read more about BATDOG & Robin’s recent adventures here.

I Went Glamping (Glamour Camping in an RV) Out on the East Coast of Canada

I had to change the name of our RV though; this is now “Crusoe’s Private Resort!”

Dog Camping RV

And while there we got to go fishing from the pier.

I was very attentive to how Mum put the worm on though. I don’t have time to waste on people doing a sloppy job, so I always need to be observing and criticizing.


Read more about my camping trip here.

I Went Mining for Precious Gems

OK, OK – they were “semi-precious” gems, and it was more Mum and Dad who found them – but in fairness they did so while working under my command.

Agate Mine Gaspe Quebec

Read more about how I run a tough mining operation here.

I Drove a Tour Boat

Again while out on the east coast, I commandeered a large tour boat with at least 50 people aboard and drove them around while spieling on my immense knowledge of the surrounding area.


Read more about my tour here.

Wiener Dog Races!

Of course every year I attend my local annual wiener dog race, and 2014 was no exception. I won my first heat but unfortunately botched the final race.

Dachshund Running Mid-Air

But as an official sponsor of the event and with my own booth there, I got to meet plenty of fans and pawtograph photos for them in person – so that part was a blast!

Read more about WienerPawlooza here.

Mum Sprained Her Ankle and Then Was Treated by Dr. Crusoe & Nurse Oakley

Needless to say, Mum carelessly stepped off the deck and sprained her ankle, following which she was in immediate need of medical attention.

And who better for the job than Dr. Crusoe & Nurse Oakley?


Our treatment methods may be a little unconventional to say the least, but we got that stinky foot fixed!

Read how here.

I Introduced Some New Costumes!

2014 was a good year for costumes, and it all started with my brand new pontoon plane costume!


And of course, there just HAD to be a video version! ; )

Then, let’s see, there was Frankenwiener! Frankenwiener Dog Costume

And even a sexy vampire – clad with an Armani cape & collar!

Handsome Vampire Dog Costume

But the year wouldn’t have been complete without my new drummer boy outfit & performance which I released just before Christmas!

See more costumes here.

I Went to New York

It was only a quick trip, but it was great to experience a city of such grandeur for the first time!

During our visit we stopped by the iconic FlatIron Building…

Crusoe in New York!

Which was for a pretty special reason…

The Best Part of 2014 – My Book Deal

Out of all the great moments and adventures, my favorite part – and the perfect end to an awesome year – was signing my book deal while in New York City!

Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund Gets Book Deal

Coming Fall 2015, wherein I’ll also be going on a North American book signing tour to finally meet all my fans!

Read more about my book deal here.

More to Look Forward to!

As I talked about in my last post, there’s much more to look forward to in 2015, including my book tour in the fall, my upcoming Europe trip, my trip to Miami and Key Largo, my face on the next cover of Animal Wellness Magazine, as well as my new appointment as ambassador of WienerFest – the largest dachshund event in Canada!

So fans, tell me – what was your favorite Crusoe moment of 2014? And what do you look forward to the most for 2015? Let me know in the comments or on Facebook!

Keep ballin’,

~ Crusoe

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Keep ballin’,