BATDOG & Robin: The Goofy Brother Rises

It was only in the past 2 weeks that I introduced my brother Oakley as Robin, the new partner in crime-solving to the notorious BATDOG (that’s me).

BATDOG and Robin Dog Costumes
We’re not your typical superheros – BATDOG being motivated by fame and glory and Robin by brotherly adoration and shiny things.

Anyway, two weeks wasn’t a long time to get Oakley up to speed on everything us superdogs do.

First we kept watch from the balcony. I got him started for 5 minutes before I left to take care of some “public relations” as I told him (my way of saying fiddling around on Facebook). I told him to holler if any wired hairs or broads came into sight.

We also take regular playtime intervals. Gotta stay active to keep your focus..

Once I was comfortable that Oakley was ready, I decided I’d show him the real world by hitting the streets of downtown. Learn by experience as they say.

So that’s exactly what we did. We strode right into the hardest neighborhoods our city has to offer and posted up on the block like we had nothing to hide.

BATDOG & Robin in the ghetto

I’m sure we prevented at least several drug deals from going down just by being there.

And yet, we can’t be everywhere at once, so it was onto the next spot. We roosted on a ledge just off of a main downtown street with a lot of foot traffic. You might say this one was more for the public appearance.

We drew a little crowd of people who snapped their own photos as we posed proud and graciously for the camera. Luckily, Oakley has just recently learned how to take Crusoe-caliber celebrity photos, so that came in handy here.

BATDOG & Robin

As we moved on, I kept telling Oakley that the cape needs to go at the back of him, not the front. A cape in the back is intimidating – a cape in the front is just, well, goofy.

He’s still working on that..

Now, my research has shown that bad guys tend to hang out in alleyways. So this was our next checkpoint.

We found a nice dark one and took to our practiced routine: we barked from the safety of the street opening. This tactic worked well, as we managed to scare away a cat and a few pigeons. We took a quick keepsake shot below.

Alleyway superheros
BATDOG & Robin’s first alleyway.

Just like Spiderman used to set himself up for his own photos (Peter Parker was a newspaper photographer as well as Spiderman), we follow a similar routine.

A good photo of us chasing a bad guy means more to us than actually catching him.

Let that be a life lesson.


Sadly, Oakley is leaving tomorrow to go back to his home in Toronto. He wants to take his Robin costume with him, but I told him that a Robin without a BATDOG is little more than a bird. So we should make this a strictly double-wiener kind of gig..

Not sure he understood exactly, but he agreed.

So for our last night together as two brothers in masks, we requested (or rather commandeered) Mum’s car for a ride around the neighborhood.

Crusoe & Oakley cruisin'

This was a good ‘last round’ for us superdogs.

To my disappointment though, we didn’t come across any wired-hairs red-handed in any criminal acts, nor any babes outside hosing down their doghouses in bikinis – two things Dad told me he sees all the time on his way home from work.

I guess we just weren’t lucky.

Cute wiener dogs !

However, I did smell barbecue.

Cutest dachshunds

And Robin did discover what the side mirror is for..

It was a long and hard day of looking tough and a lot of flexing. So we were long due for a nap.

Cute Dachshunds Sleeping

mighty-milla-and-tecklemanI’ll definitely miss my bro, but I’ve been missing my own personal space a little lately as well. However, I’m sure in a couple weeks I’ll be missing that big lug next to me.

So that was the first episode of BATDOG and Robin. It may be a little while before we see Robin again, but it’s always something to look forward to.

In the meantime, BATDOG and his two other superdog sidekicks (as determined by a previous photo contest of mine); Mighty Milla and Teckleman will help keep things safe for the general public.

Keep safe,

~ Crusoe

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Keep ballin’,