Bahamas Vacation Part 2

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So, jumping right in. Shortly into our stay here we took a day-trip to go visit the famous Harbour Island, where supposedly the celebrities flock to. It’s also very well known for its pink sand beaches, as created by microscopic pink-shelled organisms that live in the nearby reefs, as well as a combination of other factors.

They don’t allow cars on the island (generally speaking), so you have to rent a golf cart to get around. As the permanent life-long expedition leader I am, I of course was the driver. I had to ask Dad to work the pedals for me though which I’ll admit was a tad bit embarrassing.

Wiener Dog Driving Golf Cart

By the time we took a quick tour of the island (which isn’t big), it was already lunch time. So we found a great little local food spot called Queen Conch. We ordered their signature ‘conch salad’, which Mum and Dad said was delicious. I wasn’t able to have that though, so I just had a few bites of Dad’s fish tacos.

While Dad was taking this picture of me, a local came up to him, laughed, and said, “you really have to bend down far to get a picture of this guy”.

I answered for Dad, saying that the lower the angle, the more regal and glorious I look – so yes, if you’re going to take a picture of me, you better bend over.

 Queen Conch Restaurant Harbour Island, Eleuthera, Bahamas

After that, we were off to the pink sand beach.

I was ever-so anxious to get there, or more so to meet some Bahama mama babes.

Wiener Dog Dachshund Beach

And once on the beach, I continued to lead the way. I have a nose for finding babes.

But I’m also somewhat of a babe-magnet myself. Dad has commented multiple times that whenever he flies solo just with me, the sexy ladies all come to say hi to him in the airport. He says this is one of the biggest perks in being a dachshund owner! Mum says only I should have an interest in the babes though..

Pink Sands Beach Harbour Island Eleuthera Bahamas

Once we (I) found a nice spot to settle down into, I was quick to break out the shades, not wanting to waste a minute of babe-appeal time.

And you know me, I sport my custom-fitted Ray-Bans that really bring out the Tom Cruise in me. They are the perfect compliment to my rugged, ripped, and sand-dusted body and face, wouldn’t you say?

Dachshund Wearing Sunglasses

Karen Meloche Youngs put it well on my Facebook page for this picture, saying, “you OWN that beach Crusoe!!”

Yes, yes I do.

Now comes for the big question – did I actually see any babes? The answer is yes, but unfortunately I don’t have a picture to prove it (and yes – my photographer will be losing two months pay because of this). So you’ll have to take my word for it (which I can say is as good as gold).

So while we were sitting and playing in the sand, Mum noticed behind us that there was a woman up on the deck of a restaurant who kept looking down at us. We then spotted a little long-haired, brown dachshund in her arms wearing a pink scarf.

She waved at me, and I winked back at her. But thinking back, she probably didn’t see that because of my Ray-Bans.

Anyway, within a moment she was gone. We didn’t see her again.

We came back the next day, wherein I was on the lookout for her. When we came down to the beach we spotted these little tracks in the sand. They were clearly not mine, as they’re in little sets of four very unlike my trot. I can only assume it was her, but I still never found her.

Dachshund Paw Prints

I never even got the chance to say a word to her or even see her up close, but I feel like she could have been the love of my life.. I guess I may never know.

So, in an effort to distract my mind, I had to do something else. The next day we went exploring on the island, driving around small villages and bumpy, rocky roads that didn’t look like they had been used in years. That’s when we found ourselves at an old chain across the road with a rusted lock and a washed out sign that said ‘private’. No sign could ever stop me, so we parked the car and continued on foot. That’s when we found the most beautiful, secluded bay we’d seen on the island.

This is where my Mum’s dad, Uncle Jack, tried fly fishing. This was a great distraction for me, because I absolutely love fishing.

Secluded Beach bahamas

For most of the time I was right at the water’s edge, watching him attentively and waiting for him to hook one of those elusive bone fish he was after. I love bones and I love fish, so I imagine this would be one amazing fish..

Fly Fishing for Bone Fish in Eleuthera Bahamas

Unfortunately, he didn’t catch one. But after all that excitement, I was pretty hot, so Mum took my into the shallow water for a little dip. It was just a short swim to the shore, so I didn’t need a life jacket.

It was refreshing, but I still bee-lined for the shore..

Dachshund Swimming on the Ocean

I still don’t like being wet no matter what. Afterwards I run around in a panic to find a good place to scratch, which as I discovered, sand is great for!

So at the end of my day I was on a babeless beach, but it was nice to soak in the heat up on my little beach chair, with the sea breeze in my ears, the sunshine in my face, and sand in my paws.

Dachshund Paws

I’ve been to beaches before, but the ones here are something else. The sand is white – if not pink – and is like a fine powder.

A beautiful place, and one I’ll never forget. If the girl I saw on the beach ever reads this, please give me a holla (woof). I’d love to know your name..

Keep babe-chasin’,

~ Crusoe

Stay tuned for Part 3 where BATDOG makes his appearance, I gear up for snorkeling, and see some big fish up-close!


Keep ballin’,