Ep 9: The Legend of Ron Chestnut

Hello doggoworld, my name’s Ron Chestnut, and this is DoggoNews – the After Show!

Hehe, I hope you all enjoyed my latest Anchordog episode, which featured the most guest appearances yet. Was a lot of fun to have so many pups (and a pig) involved!

Also just want to say a huge thank you to all who voted for me in the People’s Choice Awards. We should be finding out if we made ‘finalists’ on September 24th. So, fingers crossed! But either way, we’re so appreciative of our amazing fans and all their incredible support!”

Let’s take a look at how we did it. But first, let’s watch the episode:

Firstly, this episode couldn’t have happened – at least with the same effectiveness, without CTV News being so awesome in allowing us to use their studio. So major koodos to them!

CTV News Studio Ottawa

They even put our own custom DoggoNews logo up on the tower monitors behind! That’s pretty cool, I gotta say.

Crusoe CTV News

Heck, they even decided to interview me while I was at the studio (I mean, why wouldn’t they?)

Check it out right here. Dad spoke on my behalf, which is generally quite underwhelming, but you get the gist.

Don’t forget, I got BOOK #2 coming out in… wow, less than a month now! You can still pre-order yours here!

But one of the most interesting parts of this episode for me, was meeting Christopher the Pig!

christopher the pig instagram

He was a cool guy. Very chill. And he really likes digging, too. Except he uses his snout. I told him I’d show him how to roll in the grass if he showed me how to roll in the mud.

Christopher and Crusoe

There was also one mini deleted scene that we ended up cutting to try to make the episode not too long.. which was a commercial break where I entered the break room… Only to discover that Christopher (the pig) had gotten to all the muffins before I did!

Ron Chestnut Anchordog

That was pretty interesting to meet Chris, but some of my longtime fans might know, this isn’t the first time I’ve met pigs! While sailing in the Bahamas, I visited the notorious “Pig Beach”, where I met some of his cute cousins!

Pigs the swim, and chill on a beach! Can you believe that was all the way back in 2014! Geez, time flies…

Every seemed to have a different favorite segment of the newscast, but one of my personal favorite news team members was my brother Oakley as ‘Crick Clouderson’ on weather.

crick clouderson

That wig of hair totally suits him. Dad even briefly considered permanently super gluing it to the top of his head.

The glasses on the other hand, are a little harder to stay on 😉

Weatherman dog

If Oakley was born for any career.. I think it was to be a weatherman.

Then there was Fred Fancy on the doggo entertainment side of things. You might recognize his tupee… Albeit stylized slightly differently!

fred fancy

I also loved having my buddy Dean the Basset on the show as well, who played Dean Marley! He’s a chill guy to begin with, so the role suited him well!

Dean the Basset

I hope those special cookies get legalized soon, dude!

(Actually, since we’re both Canadian, they will in fact be legal in less than a month)

Although I didn’t actually meet up with Dean to shoot his scene with him, I have met him before.

dean the basset crusoe dachshund

And more shout outs have to go out to some local pals, Rusty Ruru and Barnaby the Corgi.

So thank you all for watching! Can you believe there’s only 3 episodes left in my season?

And the next one is one I KNOW you’ve been waiting for.

oakley goes to school

That’s right, Oakley goes to school!

Don’t miss it this Sunday at 10:30am EST.

Keep piggin’,

~ Crusoe

Keep ballin’,