4th Annual Wiener Dog Race: Another Victory

The weekend of September 10/11 was the 4th Annual Wiener Dog Race in Montreal.

It was my second year attending, and I would have attended the first two years had I been born. Last year at the wiener dog race, I was fully trained and quite likely the fastest dog there, yet this was just at the beginning of my rise to stardom, and I was still a shy, young puppy. I participated in the race, but unfortunately did not place. In fact, I didn’t even leave the starting block (If I had I would have won). I was distracted by the obnoxious horn they use as a starting signal. But, I didn’t come home empty handed. After the race didn’t go so well, I decided I better show these people who Crusoe the Dachshund really is, so at the last minute I registered for the trick competition. I won the best trick award with my amazing, “bang” – play dead – enactment. You can watch it here. I was also featured on CBC news that night for my outstanding performance (true story). Anyway, this year was another success. I took the trip to Montreal with my mum and dad, staying in the luxurious, Novotel Hotel.

Anyway, this year I ran the race, and as you can probably guess – I won. I didn’t really need to train, as I am naturally very fit. I was put up against 9 other wieners on the starting line. I could tell the guy beside me was a cheater and a trickster just by looking at him – ‘wired hairs’; can never trust ’em. And as I suspected, the little sneak took off before the clock hit “go”, and he was already halfway down the course before I showed him who’s boss, zipping by him for the win. “In yo’ face!”

But that’s not all, my fans. I also won best costume this year! My mum gave me a few choices of costumes I could have imported from around the globe. I saw one of a skunk, and said yes, that’s hilarious! I know what the people want – as evidenced by my clear victory (and my celebrity status). I now have a shiny new trophy for my mantle and a whole bundle of prizes.

crusoe the dachshund costume skunk

So, I recommend all my fans come out to my race next year. You can book your wiener race ticket here. I promise I won’t let you down!

Keep ballin’

~ Crusoe

Keep ballin’,