10 Ways I'm Keepin' Busy Between Vacations

It’s been about 3 weeks since my last blog post, which is quite unusual, but I guess you could say we we’re taking a break after all that video production from my Bahamas Sailing Trip – which even at 12 minutes in length has been my best-received video to date! So thanks for that, fans!

That isn’t to say I haven’t been keeping busy though – on the contrary, I have! And in just over one month from now, I’ll be departing on another “mini” vacation! (Details below). In the meantime, here’s 10 ways I’ve been keeping busy!

1. I Just Got Myself an iFetch

You’ve probably heard of it, but in case not, iFetch is a very cool little gizmo that allows your dog to play fetch on their own! This is particularly handy for when you’re away at work or are too busy to play.

It does take some practice, but I’m getting there!

For any dog who’s motivated by fetch, this toy is a given!

2. I Went to The Poutine Festival

You probably know that Quebec Canada is famous for their ‘poutine’ – cheese curds over French fries with gravy.

What’s not to love about that?


The festival featured a whole street lined with food trucks, each serving a different take on poutine – whether pulled pork, Mexican, or even lobster poutine!

I did my fair share of taste-testing that day..

But it was a bit tiresome waiting in those long lines!


3. I Got Myself an Awesome Anchor Collar Charm

Dog Anchor Collar Charm

Isn’t in nice? And it matches the natural anchor mark on my nose! rocky and julio I got this from the awesome folks over at Rocky & Julio, an online pet boutique.

And until June 30th, 2014, you can get 15% off all items in their store just by using the code CRUSOE.

4. I Went to The Tulip Festival

Ok – not quite as exciting as the poutine festival, but beautiful nonetheless!

Notice all the nose twitching?

Because you know what they say… When in Rome… Smell the flowers!

Dog Smelling Flowers

(But poutine smells much better).

5. My Fishing Vest Got an Upgrade

This year I’ve added some nice hand-tied flies to my fishing vest – as made by Mum’s brother Charles (he often accompanies me on my fishing outings along with Uncle Jack).

Crusoe fishing vest

I’ve only been out once this year and we didn’t catch anything, but there will be many more opportunities yet to come – including on my upcoming mini vacation!


6. I Went Wabbit Hunting… For Raccoons!

It was like any regular ol’ day of wabbit hunting…

When I literally almost bumped right into this guy below! Luckily I walked right past him without even noticing him as he scrambled up the tree. Then Dad snatched me up before I could make after him.

Some people commented on this video saying if a raccoon is out during the day then it probably has rabies. That may be the case, but this video was actually filmed in late evening, just FYI.

7. I Found a New Use For My Grass Mat

Mum and Dad had brought this along on our Bahamas sailing trip, thinking this would be my potty. Well it didn’t work out that way, but at least I’ve now found a great use for it!

It’s my balcony hang-out spot!


8. I’ve Been Helping Mum in the Garden

Helping Mum in the Garden

And let me tell you, I am a very good helper!

In fact, Mum or Dad just need point to the ground where they need a hole dug, and I take care of it.

The tricky part is getting me to stop digging..

I also oversee all other garden-related activities, such as watering.


Because I wouldn’t want those great holes I dug to go to waste from improper care..

I also told Mum that if she wanted to sabotage any of the other’s garden plots, to just let me know and I would dig them up in a way that would like a raccoon or something did it.

She informed me “it’s not a competition, Crusoe”.

“Well that’s boring”, I responded.

9. My Next Vacation!

In mid-July, I will be heading east to the Atlantic coast of Canada, or rather the Gaspé Peninsula of Quebec more specifically. This area is famous for its beautiful landscapes, rugged coastline, pristine salmon fishing, and mines. So I’ll be looking to get a taste of all that while I’m there!

gaspe rock

And get this – I’ll be staying in an RV while we’re there! No fancy hotels or resorts, I’ll be roughin’ it like usual lately (hence my recent sailing trip).

10. The Petties Are Back!

petties-award-trophyLast year I won the award for ‘Best Active Living Blog’, although what I really wanted was the ‘Funniest Pet Blog’. I’m hoping my fans can help me achieve that this year!

Here’s how:

  1. Visit the Petties Nomination page.
  2. Enter http://celebritydachshund.com in the Funniest Pet Blog category, but feel free to also enter in others, like ‘Best Pet Blog’!

Then, if you liked my Bahamas sailing video, you can enter my blog post featuring this video for the Best Video Post category! Here’s the URL for my sailing video post to enter in that category: http://www.celebritydachshund.com/2014/05/14/dogs-bahamas-vacation-video/

11. Captain Crusoe T-Shirt & Tank Top!

I’m pleased to present to you the brand new Captain Crusoe t-shirt & tank top (yes, I heard your requests!)

Here’s a close-up look. Notice the ‘Crusoe’ letters on my chest ; )

Captain Dachshund

Available for 3 weeks only. Get yours here.

Thanks for being a proud member of “Cru’s Crew” everyone!

Keep ballin’,

~ Crusoe

Keep ballin’,