SuperDogs: Mighty Milla & Teckleman

Well here we have it. As promised, here is the blog post all about our SuperDog Photo Contest winners – Mighty Milla & Teckleman.

Upon hearing of their success in the contest, they both voiced their delight and amazement in being selected. Since they won about a week and half ago, there has been much communication between myself (BATDOG) and the two of them, mainly going over all the details of being a sidekick, signing contracts, doing some due diligence, and just getting to know one another.

All this was especially important considering I am assigning them their first-ever mission as BATDOG’s sidekicks – which is to keep guard on North America while I hit the beach in the Bahamas for a week.

So let’s start by getting to know each one a little more.

Mighty Milla.

Milla is about the same age as me, turning 3 on Thanksgiving (American). She was originally named Nugget because her Dad likes to pan for gold, but that didn’t really stick. Within two weeks, her name was Milla. As you can see, she’s had her fists paws raised since the beginning.

Cute Dapple Dachshund Puppy

Her training began in early puppyhood, where she shadowed her much older sister, Pepper, on many ninja missions.

Milla has always had a proud but feisty heart, sparring often with Pepper in training bouts.

Feisty Dachshund Puppy

Her skills are in stealth and precision. She is a ninja and a sniper, and has a wary eye for anything suspicious. In fact, she even commented about not being to sleep at night sometimes for thinking a wired hair was in her midst. So obviously there may be some tension between her and Teckleman at first, but hopefully they can work that out (I know I have my own issues to work out with Teckleman, too).

She may have an intimidating résumé, but she still puts on a pretty face. That combined with her stealth will make her great for covert operations and schmoozing the bad guys. I’m sure she will be an impeccable part of the BATDOG team.

Pretty Pink Dachshund Costume

Can you tell she likes the color pink?

I have to admit myself that she IS a cutie. The Sidekick Contract specifically states that there can be no relationships of an intimate nature between ‘sidekick’ and ‘BATDOG’, but I specifically planted a couple ‘loops’ in my contract just for that reason ; )

Now considering her stealth and espionage capabilities, I have also asked her (under the table) to keep an eye on Teckleman for the first while. He’s passed my screening process but it never hurts to be cautious.


Teckleman, also known as Bridger Vom Jagerhugel was born to immigrants from Germany. So he still holds a bit of that accent, which ‘he says’ drives the ladies wild.

Cute Wired Hair Puppy

As you know, I’m always a little (a lot) skeptical of wired hairs due to my past experiences. So choosing Teckleman was a hard decision for me, but I am confident he will prove his trustworthiness and his value to the BATDOG team sooner than later.

I however had no choice but to put him through an intensive screening process.

Here’s some of our questions and answers:

Q. “Teckleman, please recite for me your whole name.”

A. “Bridger Von Yagerbagel.”

Hm, so he can’t even say his own full name. Not a good start but somewhat understandable since it’s a hard name to pronounce.

Q. “Have you ever been convicted of a crime?”

A. “No, but I killed a squirrel once.”

Good answer.

Q. “Have you ever felt tempted to shave your fur and pretend to be a smooth-haired dachshund?”

A. “I used to, but I am confident in who I am and proud to be a wired hair.”

(Wrong answer).

Q. “How many times a week would you say you feel temptation for mischief or trickery.”

A. “Speaking in complete honesty.. almost everyday. But I always resist it.”

At least he’s honest. I guess it’s natural for being a wired hair. His ability to resist temptation speaks more about him than having the temptation in the first place.

Q. “Have you ever cheated in a card game?”

A. “Yes. Probably in every game I’ve played.”

That’s not problem. Just a note to self not to play cards with him..

Q. “What value can you bring to the BATDOG team?”

A. “I got your back dude, seriously. I’m also a great tracker (coming from a line of tracking Dackels), great at undercover work, and a meticulous researcher and hacker. Plus, I’m pretty smooth with the European chicks.”

That’s great to hear. We need someone who can work the network but also get into action (both kinds) when needed.

Funny Wired Hair Dachshund

Another value that Teckleman can bring to the table is his swimming abilities. I am an excellent swimmer of course, but don’t overly care for it. Teckleman even sent me a few of his own training pictures where he was performing rescue scenarios for damsels (Barbies) in distress.

Dachshund Swimming

I was quite impressed.

I think Teckleman and Mighty Milla both make for fantastic, complimenting sidekicks that are sure to give a strong boost to the BATDOG team.

Their first test will be keeping watch on North America while I am away. I have asked for regular updates from both of them. Mighty Milla will be mingling with the crime bosses and playing up her ‘pretty girl look’ to get more inside information. Teckleman has said he will do daily perimeter checks of the two countries. He will also play a strong role in infiltrating the wired hair mob.

I expect everything to look the same when I return.

So I would like to give an official welcome to my two new sidekicks, Mighty Milla and Teckleman!

Superdog photo contest winners

For the next week, BATDOG will be on vacation. He may make an appearance if a really pretty babe needs some help, but besides that, he’ll be on the down low.

Farewell fans, I will be back in a week, but should still have some updates from the Bahamas while I’m there. In the meantime, if you need any SuperDog assistance, you know who to call. But then again, we’re all Superdogs of our own home.

Keep snoopin’,

~ Crusoe

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Keep ballin’,