SuperDog Photo Contest Winners!

Well fans, here we are for the highly anticipated announcement of the SuperDog Photo Contest Winners!

I was so impressed with all the work and effort everyone put into their Superdogs! Now remember, this contest was judged on the photo and the description.

I would like to start by showcasing the Top 10 Most-Voted Entries. The most-voted entry is of course one of the winning SuperDogs, while the other winner has been chosen by my self and assisting managers (announced at end). So here we go!


Well, here is the most voted, and one of my SuperDog winners! This is Mighty Milla, AKA Agent Milla Hawkins. She is not to be confused by her love for the color pink and cute outfits – she is in fact a trained killer. She has a lifetime experience as a sniper and a ninja, but in her spare time likes to hang out at the beach and chew squeaky toys. I think those are some pretty complimenting qualities to BATDOG! Congratulations to Mighty Milla!

Cute Dachshund Superhero Costume

2. Idgie The Wonder Wiener

Coming in as the second most-voted Superdog, is Idgie the Wonder Wiener! She supposedly has a magic lasso that’s good for catching wired hairs. I would really like to see that..

Wonder Wiener Dog Costume

3. Jeff Boned

Boned. Jeff, Boned. Otherwise known as Dog-Low-7, this secret agent has all the bells and whistles of a true James Bond, but dachshund style. And never give him water stirred – he only likes it shaken.

Dachshund James Bond Costume

4. Teckleman

This wired hair is a self-made SuperDog, having so dually dubbed himself, Teckleman. He works to charm and disarm, and claims his beard is not a disguise. He may be a wired-hair, but I like his style.

Funny Dachshund Costume

5. Rusty the Rock Star

Maybe not your typical Superhero getup, but Rusty is the ‘first dog of rock and roll’. He leads the battle of the bands, but what I’m really interested in are all the groupie gals he must have.

Wiener Dog Elvis Costume

6. Squirrel-Nator

What a creative Superhero! Squirrel-Nator’s main goal is to eradicate squirrels. I can’t think of a more noble cause. He also said he’d be willing to take some sexy stud photos for the ladies. Good to know..

Squirrelnator Superdog Costume

7. Jack (a.k.a LiveWire)

First of all, I love the name. He’s already established his superhero presence cleaning up the mean streets of Newfoundland. He uses his wired-hairdness to his advantage for infiltrating the crime world’s underbelly. Plus, he does a great Chewbacca impression.

LiveWire Dachshund Superhero!

8. Wally da Kid

His description speaks well for itself; “I can disable even the most hardened criminal with my adorable puppy dog eyes and toothy grin. I’m quick on the draw when it comes to sniffin’ out evil. With me as your sidekick, there’s nothing we can’t lick!”

Wally da Kid

9. Fearless Flying Phoebe

Wow, look at this girl go! I have no doubt she would stand strong in the face of any evil. I just hope that if we ever have to retreat (which does NOT equal defeat), that she won’t leave me in the dust!

Flying Phoebe Dachshund

10. Bonnie the Bonzai Bomber

And finally, coming in as the tenth most-voted entry, here’s Bonnie the Bonzai Bomber. Points to her for suggesting truth and justice, the ‘North American’ way. She specializes in the airborne attack (hence the name), which might take you by surprise considering how beautiful she is. Wowza!

She must use lotion..

Bonnie the Bonzai Bomber

So there are the Top 10 Most-Voted. So who is my second SuperDog sidekick following Mighty Milla?

Well, it was a ‘mighty’ hard choice, that’s for sure. They were all so good, I wish I could just make a superhero team. But anyway, it’s a contest, and the when I sat back and thought about it, there was one that really stuck out to me, one that made me laugh..

Congratulations to Teckleman as my second sidekick!

I know what you’re thinking – “but Crusoe, he’s a wired hair! What the heck are you thinking?”

I know, I know. I’m taking a chance here, but I have a feeling that having a wired hair on my team might not be such a bad idea. He’ll still go through the intensive due diligence process, such as take a polygraph test and answer a bunch of trick questions, but hey, I might learn something from him.

Stay tuned for an in-depth blog post on Mighty Milla and Teckleman as my SuperDog sidekicks.

Thanks again to everyone for participating and following my contest! The pleasure was all mine, well, BATDOG’s.

If you didn’t win, don’t worry, there’s always another one around the corner. Actually, I’m sure the prize for my next contest will truly blow you ‘away’ ; )

On a last note, I would like to announce that the Crusoe Celebrity Dachshund 2013 Calendar is finally in store, and includes some of my greatest celebrity moments. Pick it up, and enjoy year-round!

Keep fightin’ crime,

~ Crusoe

Keep ballin’,