Explorer Training Part 2 [Video Post]

A lot of fans have been complaining that my videos are too short. Well, the little videos I share on Facebook are from Vine (follow me) so can only be 6 seconds long, however I am pleased to announce I’ve finished the next installment in my GoPro video series this past week!

Speaking of this past week, you may have noticed I’ve been a bit quiet. Well, I took a somewhat unannounced vacation to my chalet in Quebec. When you’re a celebrity, sometimes you just need to escape. And of course, if you tell people where you’re escaping, well then you’re not really escaping.

However, that quiet time away gave me some time to finish up this video – Explorer Training Part 2 – my longest one yet at a whole 5 minutes in length!

So grab the popcorn and enjoy. Oh, and don’t miss the blooper clip at the end!

Hope that was long enough for ye’! If you want to check out part 1 to this video, watch it on YouTube here.

Keep explorin’,

~ Crusoe

P.S. Mum never found out about me under the deck… until now.

Keep ballin’,