Episode 3: SpaceDog Cru, The Making Of (And The Game?!)

Welcome to our third behind the scenes blog post for my episode of SpaceDog Cru! I had an amazing response to this one, even if it was a little “out of this world”, but my adventures take me far and wide, whether that be other planets as one of my “alter ego characters”, or just being myself at home!

But first, if you didn’t already watch it, or even if you did, heck watch it again!

One of my Dad’s greatest inspirations are the comic books of Calvin and Hobbes, and this season is a lot like that; a mix of antics and mischief at home as myself, and adventures through my imagination through other characters and alter egos. When I’m in my imagination as another character, such as Dog Ross, Chef Crusoe, SpaceDog Cru, etc, I take on the voice of THAT character. But when I’m “myself” (such as at the end of the above episode), I’m back to my usual voice!

That being said, let’s get back to the Nutty Way Galaxy!

spacedog cru astronaut dog costume

We had such critical acclaim for this episode, Spacedog cru AR game
a fan of ours even took it upon themselves to make an iPhone game based on it!! How neato is that?!

It’s an “augmented reality” game, where you’ll see the real world in front of you, but Spacedog Cru will be at the bottom of your screen and you can bark/shoot lasers at the flying ugly-faced alien monsters!

You can download it for free from the App Store here.

Now, let’s take a look at the making of my indispensable spacesuit.

Space Dog Costume Astronaut Cute Dachshund

The body of the suit is made of high-tech NASA-engineered nanofiber nylon for the suit, with temperature control, pressurization normalization, and a bullet proof coating shield to prevent bodily harm from space debris.

The helmet, however.. is a plastic fishbowl cut in half.

space dog costume

I guess Dad started to run low on this episode’s budget by the time he got around to making the helmet…

It was a super fun episode to make, since even though I take pride in doing all my own stunts and not being one to “fake” anything, occasionally working on a green screen lets me use my imagination a bit more, such as to fly a spaceship!

green screen dog space

The best part of my spaceship was definitely that SNACKS button. I didn’t know how it worked at first, but let me tell you, I got the hang of it REAL quick.

Dog Green Screen Space

So much so, that I had it installed on my desk at home. However, our home isn’t as high tech as a spaceship, so whenever I press it, it sends a notification to Mum on her phone to ‘GET ME A SNACK’.

Her response time could use some improvement, though.

Unknown planet Space Dog

For the planet scene, I did in fact go to Mars. Just kidding, but it sure looked like it, huh?

In fact, it was a sand quarry that was perfectly reminiscent of some exotic planet. I never knew I liked quarries until shooting that episode, but there’s so many places to dig, I just love it.

spacedog cru behind the scenes quarry

As I ventured through the planet, I of course met the alien babe as you all saw. You may recognize her from Episode 2 as the dog I yelled at for digging in the sand.

Her name is Jayati, and she also played the role of Sharkwiener when the actual “wiener dogs” I had enlisted couldn’t, well, swim…


She’s pretty cute! And did I mention she’s Hawaiian?! Yup, she just moved to Canada recently with her family.

Then it came time for my epic battle with the alien who was trying to steal my bone. That was a fun fight, especially when it was revealed that the monster I was fighting was actually just Mum in my imagination!

space force wiener

Not sure Mum was too flattered to have been portrayed as the monster in this one. But, she puts up with a lot more than that, so you could say she has a tough skin by this point (exoskeleton?)

This episode was definitely a lot of work, obviously because there were a lot of special effects, too!

Spacedog Cru edit

I need to give a shoutout to my new helper, Mike, who’s assisting Dad with the filming and editing and a little bit of everything. It’s the extra help that’s allowing us to put in even more effort and time into the episodes!

crusoe helper

He’s also the one who made the BIG BONE!

So, hope you enjoyed the SpaceDog Cru episode! A fan of ours made the below graphic, I guess to volunteer me as the first official recruit of the US Space Force!

United States Space Force

Stay tuned for our next episode coming this Sunday, where I take my sometimes-sorta girlfriend Paisley on a very special date! You don’t want to miss this one!

Thanks for watching!

Keep spacin’,

~ Crusoe

Keep ballin’,