A Dachshund's Particular Peculiar Habits

Nothing brings to life the character of a dog like their particular peculiar habits. It’s usually what really sets us apart. They say we are creatures of routine, but that doesn’t seem to jive well with my free-spirited and adventurous disposition. Just goes to show we’re all different. Of course, there’s also our ‘quirks‘, too.

Here are some of my peculiar habits..

  • One of my many household rules is that the first one in bed (usually me) gets to choose the pillow they want. I am usually the first one in bed, wherein I choose Dad’s pillow. I’m not shy to make myself comfortable while waiting with a ball for him to get there for a little bedtime-playtime : )

dachshunds are ready to play

(Mum would also like me to point out the wiener dog bed sheets).

  • This one is probably more common than ‘peculiar’, but I always say;

“Mum and Dad may own the house and the yard, but I own the block”.

wiener guard dogs

Neigborhood Watch? Ha, they should call it Wienerhood Watch. Oakley and I got it covered.

    • I don’t think I’ve really told people about this yet, but I am actually a sock-snatcher. I will literally take a sock right off your foot. I mainly like men’s dress socks (you know, the thin ones) that are nice a stinky from a full day of being worn to the office. I will then go and nibble at your toes to grab the end of the sock. Then it’s a tug of war to get it off.
Dachshund Pulls Sock
I like it when you don’t make it too easy to get it off. There’s got to be a bit of a challenge.. Once I do, it makes for a great chewy. But I don’t destroy them, so don’t worry. Mum calls it the pre-wash.
Wiener Dog Sock
    • I’m not usually a grumpy wiener dog, but I do have my moments. I don’t like being smothered or kissed or hugged too much. I guess it’s just my manly instincts, and just being at that age where you don’t want to kiss your mommy. Anyway, I don’t mind if Mum gives me a peck on the cheek, but when she starts doing her smoochy-smoochy stuff I get a little annoyed. I don’t ‘growl’ per se, but I vocalize my discontent or wriggle to get loose. The fact of the matter is I just want to play. So just throw my ball (or take my picture) – that’s all I want.
    • Let’s see what else.. Oh! I like love pinecones. They’re like a cross between a stick and a tennis ball – fun to chase and easy to crunch and rip apart. What’s not to love about that? I also like acorns, but supposedly they aren’t good for doggies so Mum doesn’t usually let me play with them.
  • Most of the time I am a very happy, go-lucky kind of guy. I’m cheerful and always ready to play – anytime. Yet, there are times where I may act a little strange to Mum and Dad. For instance, sometimes for no apparent reason I will go hide under the bed. Mum and Dad try to get me out using playful voices, toys, treats.. you name it. I’ll just stay there as long as I feel like it, because they can’t even reach me. I did this when Oakley left..

Dachshund Hiding Under Bed

  • And as my last peculiar habit for now, I have to admit that I am a very, very picky pooper. I will spend as much time as needed to find the perfect spot, turning in circles and circles. It’s a long process, and at the slightest noise or even if you look at me, I will stop and start all over again.

Anyway, there’s definitely more but I’ll have to think on it.

But what I am most curious about is whether my habits truly are peculiar or not. So tell me fans, do your doggies do any of these? Or what are their particular peculiar habits?

Keep bein’ different,

~ Crusoe

Keep ballin’,